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When you rub a ring across your face why does a black line appear?


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2011-01-13 17:31:07
2011-01-13 17:31:07

The black line is a reaction with the foundation a girl is wearing. The only way to test for an iron deficiency is by examining blood. Your skin does not have blood on the surface! If anybody is wearing makeup boy or girl, a black line will appear. It is due to the minerals in the makeup. Try it...If someone has no makeup on nothing will happen.

The reason below is completely wrong!!!!

From Chemistry Jones

The reason for this has not yet been proven, most likely it is because of low iron levels. That is what has been thought of it so far. If somebody or yourself rubs or simply wipes a piece of gold (ex. a ring) on your face, a black line may appear.

This is likely to happan if you are a girl in your teens but it rarely happens if you are a boy and if you are above thirty! :D

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