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Bread becomes brown when toasted because the sugars (starches) on the surface become caramelized under heat. This also causes the crisp crunch of toast.

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Q: When you toast bread why does it go brown?
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Why does toast go brown?

This is WHY we call it toast. It is browned bread!! Toast goes brown because of the Maillard reaction. Quote from the Related Link: "The Maillard reaction is a chemical reaction between an amino acid and a reducing sugar, usually requiring heat."

How to cook toast?

Toast is simply 'toasted' bread, you can toast most types of bread, take a slice and place it under a hot grill, keep your eye on it, or it will burn, when the bread has turned a golden brown colour, turn it over to 'toast' the other side. Alternatively put your sliced bread in an automatic 'toaster' and switch on, the toast should pop up when ready.

How long does it take to toast bread?

Toast is bread!

What is the best bread for making French Toast?

Wheat bread It's called "Texas Bread" and is very thick and can be bought in white or brown.

Can rabbits eat toast?

Yes, they can. My rabbit Puddle eats toast every morning. He prefers brown bread and biscuits in the afternoon.

Do all toasters toast toast?

No. Toasters toast bread. If you try to toast toast you end up with burnt bread.

How do you make bread turn into toast?

Bread becomes toast when sliced - usually about half an inch thick - and "toasted" by exposing both sides of the slice to high heat until it turns brown and crisp.

What happens when you toast bread?

you get toast

Why will toasted bread not grow mold?

When you toast bread the moisture is sucked out of it. Mold thrives in moist environments, so it would not grow easily on toast because toast is dry. However, moisture in the air would soon go into the bread and it would grow mold; but not as fast as normal bread.

What happens when you push down the handle of a toaster to toast bread?

The inside of the toster get hot, and when you put toast in, let go and the yummy toast will cook.

Do you put in the toaster toast or bread?

You put toast into a toaster, not bread. Are you actually that dumb?

If you toast bread is it still bread?

yes, it is now toasted bread or toast for short.

Can you toast toast?

No, you can only toast bread.You can in theory if you partly toast bread then toast it again at a later period, then you would be toasting toast, as the first toasting changes the bread. toasting a full toasted toast would make it burn and possibly start on fire.

What is the name of a cartoon character that is brown in color and looks like burnt bread?

From Ren & Stimpy - Captain Toast From Ren & Stimpy - Captain Toast

Why does toast toast?

Toast is in effect the heating of bread against a inferred heat source. Its the same as baking the bread in the first instance. The dough become hot and stats in effect to burn (going brown) if the dough is left against tithe heat long enough it will turn black

What is the use of a bread toaster?

to toast bread

Does toast come from cows?

No. Toast is bread that has been exposed to heat to be toasted. Toast and bread have nothing to do with cows, and the making of bread also has nothing to do with cows and does not come from cows at all.

What is toast when it is not toast?

Bread. Or charcoal, depending on how you cook it.

How do you make toast if you only have bread?

toast it in the toaster :) i guess :)

What nutrients is in toast?

Toast has many nutrients one of which is bread.

Why does bread go brown?

The starch molecules in the bread are broken down into individual glucose molecules. This simple sugar then caramelises and turns the bread brown

What kind of bread does Nick Jonas use for toast?

Nick has said he likes white bread for sandwiches and toast.

What has more calories toast or bread?

Toast, especially as I always put jam on it which I don't always put on bread.

What do british call french toast?

We call it French Toast or Eggy Bread or Gypsy Toast

Why does bread toast?

Bread toasts because the heat turns the bread dark