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it maybe your heater core is going out recommend replacing it and go from there

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Q: When you turn heat on in car it goes between hot and cold air is it the thermostat?
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What could be wrong if your 2002 alero's heater air is warm-- then goes cold--then the thermostat goes up and then the heat is warm again and the thermostat goes back down?

Souns like a head gasket to me.

Why is your heat blowing out cold air?

Replace Thermostat

Ac works but no heat blows cold air?

Bad Thermostat

The temperature light is blinking It goes from cold to medium to blinking in your 2000 Toyota Celica Is this a thermostat problem or something else?

Check coolant level in RADIATOR when cold When light is blinking turn on heat and see if you have any. If no heat good indication that thermostat is stuck in closed position and needs to be replaced

How do you know when a thermostat sensor needs to be replaced?

it goes out and your heat will be gon

What is the principle of thermostat?

The principle of a thermostat is to regulate heat or cold air. Thermostats can be used for rooms, people, or cooking.

What happens when thermostat goes out?

If it's stuck open, no heat. If it's stuck closed, over heat.

What happens when your thermostat goes bad?

When a thermostat goes bad in a vehicle, it can make your car overheat. It can also make it t where you do not have any heat inside your car.

Can a bad thermostat cause the heat to blow cold air?

Yes, and it can also make your car to over heat

What are the differences between heat and temperature?

Temperature is an indicator of heat or cold. Cold is the absence of heat.

The engine is overheating and you have no heat just cold air blowing?

Probably a bad thermostat.

Why does heater not heat up temperature gage stays cold?

My first guess would be a thermostat stuck open. Replace the thermostat.

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