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this happened to me once.

it means that the internal memory component has a leak, i called Microsoft and asked what it meant, good thing the light would flash for this emergency, it was repaired for $50.

hurry up, because the x box has harmfull radiation

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Sounds like the system is downloading. That is if background downloading is enabled.

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Q: When you turn off your xbox 360 the power light flashes when its off?
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When you plug your xbox power supply into the wall the orange light comes on as usual but as soon as you plug the power supply into your Xbox the light turns red and the Xbox wont turn on?

While the Xbox is turned off, plug the power supply into the xbox first. Then plug it into the wall and it should be orange. Turn on the xbox and then the light will change to green.

How do you turn on the guitar in Guitar Hero 3?

Look for the xbox button (if you have xbox) and press and hold until the light flashes, the button should be near the whamy bar

You took apart your xbox 360 to fix the red ring of death now when you try to turn it on it just flashes a green light anyone know why?

Because you took it apart instead of simply changing power outlets!

What happens if you unplug an Xbox?

If it is on while you unplug it all four quadrants of the ring of light turn red. All you need to do is turn it off then when you turn it back on it will be back to normal. Same thing happens when you unplug the AV cord except it flashes.

How do you turn off an Xbox 360?

Turning Xbox 360 OffTo turn off an Xbox 360 off hit the power button or if you have a controller scroll right and at the bottom it should say 'turn of Xbox 360'

How do you get your 360 to turn on?

You plug all the cords in and press the power button to turn your xbox 360 on

How do you sync your stealth rapid fire control to your xbox?

all you have to do is turn the controller on. then once the controller has been recognized by the xbox, all you have to do is press the sync but ton at the top of your controller. keep pressing the sync button to go through the different modes. a light will flash to tell you what mode you are on. so if your on mode two, you will see two flashes.

What does it mean when you turn off your xbox 360 but the power box is still on?


How do you reset a xbox 360?

Just press the power button to turn off console and repress it to turn back on.

What do you do when you see a red light instead of a green light when you turn on your xbox?

Bring it to gamestop and get it fixed. It has red ring of death!

How to turn on xbox 360 without pressing the power button and using the controller?


Should you buy another Xbox because it will not turn on even though everything is plugged in?

Double-check that all the power cords are plugged in correctly, I had this problem once where I didn't have the power cord snapped in all the way to the system. Also, make sure that the power brick has a light on, when the system is off it should glow orange and when you turn on the system it should switch to green. If it stays orange, it is possibly either a problem with your power supply or the wall plug where it is connected to. If it turns green but your system does not turn on, it is a problem with your system and then, YES, you should exchange your xbox.