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Check for vacuum leak or bad vacuum motor Check selector control

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Q: When you turn on the ac why does it only blow through the floor heater vents on a 2000 Chevrolet Tahoe?
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What causes water on passenger floor board of 2005 Chevrolet impala?

Heater. Core

1999 Tahoe and the passenger floor board keeps getting wet what do you think is wrong?

The heater is leaking coolant.

Location of fuel cap release of Chevy Tahoe?

The fuel cap release, for a Chevrolet Tahoe, is located on the floor next to the drivers seat. Pull the lever up to release the cap.

How does the heater controls work on a 2004 Chevrolet trk?

how does the heater controls work on a 2004 chev trk my controler does not change from the floor to the front duck or to the def .and were is the broken unit place in the dash

What are the features of Chevrolet floor mats?

The official Chevrolet floor mats carry the Chevrolet bow tie logo. The Chevrolet floor mats features also include custom embroidery, and they are made of synthetic rubber.

Why is water on the front floor of the car?

It is probably the heater coil. When it stops working water from the radiator goes back through a hose and when it overfills it emptys into the passenger side floor. You can replace the heater coil or bypass the hoses. Second option will cause heater to stop working.

Why is your 1990 ford tempo loosing antifreeze through the dash and floor and the heater no longer works?

Sounds like your heater core is bad and your engine is low on coolant

How do you get water to stop coming through the floor vent of a 96 neon?

Sounds like the heater core is leaking!

Why would water be seeping into the cab through the floor right in front of the passenger seat?

heater core leaking

What sort of floor mats does the 2010 Chevrolet Equinox have?

The 2010 Chevrolet Equinox has .

Are electric floor heaters safe for my home?

As long as you buy a floor heater that was made recently, you should be okay. If you were to buy an old used floor heater, I would be cautious. Whenever you use a floor heater however, you need to put it in a safe place and never leave it on if you go out of the house.

Is there an in floor heater for an above ground pool?


Why would water from highway comes through flooring of car?

1) a damaged floor pan . 2) a rusted floor pan . 3) it's not coming from outside, the heater core is leaking.

How do you change the heater core of a 1997 corolla and what are the symptoms of a bad heater core?

coolant on the floor

Why are radiators placed near the floor and not the ceiling?

They are placed on the floor because heat rises. If the heater was up high, the ceiling would be nice and warm, while the walls and floor would be cold.They are placed on the floor because heat rises. If the heater was up high, the ceiling would be nice and warm, while the walls and floor would be cold.

Why would the ac and heater blow air through the defroster or the dashboard vents but not through the floor vents.?

It should blow through the floor vents. Modern vehicles generally use movable baffles in there HVAC systems, to direct air flow where the controls indicate. If the controls allow airflow to the floor, but nothing flows out, there is a malfunction between the control switch and the actuator that directs the flow.

Why does the passenger side floor get hotter than the left side and gets wet to a point that one would thing that there was water coming in on that one side in a 2003 Chevy Tahoe with 93000 mile?

check your heater core / hoes for leaks Bill C

Water in your passenger side floor of your 2000 Lincoln Continental?

heater core may be leaking or hole in floor

1995 Pontica Grand Am with water all in the drivers floor board Is this a heater core?

Probably, although it might be a heater hose. You will have to access the core in either case. If it smells like anti freeze then you may have a leak. If it is water then check your windshield seal. I have seen water leak down through the window post to the floor.

Where is a heater actuator on a 2003 Tahoe rear heater?

under the plastic trim at the passenger side in the cargo area. After removing lots of plastic trim with mostly push-clips and 2 or 3 screws, you'll see the heater/AC assembly. On it, you'll see 2 identical motors. One controls a flapper door to send air to the ceiling or the floor (the forward one), and the other controls a flapper door that sends air over the evaporator or the heater core.

What do you look for in having the blower blow to the floor and through the vents. Currently no matter how you adjust the AC or heater control it blows through the defroster by the windshield?

your switch cable might be broke you will have to remove your dash

What does cause flooding inside a car floor?

the heater core is leaking

Why is there a mist of antifreeze coming from your floor vent?

Leaking heater core

Why do you have antifreeze on the floor of your 2000 s70?

Your heater core may have a leak.

Why is your passenger side floor board soaked?

Crack in the heater core