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It means you should see a doctor. It is not normal to urinate blood.

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Q: When you urinate and it has a little burn an you urinate a little of blood comes out what does that mean?
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How does it feel when it burn when you urinate?

It's hot when it comes out.

Why does it burn when I urinate?

It is probably a urinary tract infection.

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What is the liquid that comes out of the bubble from a burn?

The liquid that comes out of a burn is Plasma. It is the clear, yellowish fluid portion of blood in which cells are suspended. It is your body's healing fluid.

Do gnats urinate?

Yes, gnats do urinate. If a gnat urinates on the skin it can irritate the skin and cause it to burn or itch.

How do you stop a third degree burn?

urinate on the burn, the chemicals in the urine will decrease the pain and less scaring will occure

Should you run before or after a workout?

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What is happening if your privates burn when you urinate?

That usually indicates an infection for which you should see your doctor.

Today you pee and it burn but when you pee again it was little blood in your pee what does that mean?

u have a urinary tract infection

How do you avoid plasma TV screen burn?

A burn comes from having a picture on the screen what has little movement. Don't leave the screen on a channel or video that is static for days at a time.

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Why after peeing does it burn and feel like have to urinate right after stand up?

it means you have a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

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