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Installing a game to your Xbox does not mean your installing the full game. Just some of the files so it can run smoother.


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Yes you can. But if the disc is severely scratched, it most likely will not install. If you have a friend with the same game, ask them if you can borrow it so you can install it to your hard drive, then use your disc.

--- Update --- This is not possible; you must use a macbook install disc or a generic install disc.

My friend, believe it or not I installed original Win XP SP1 in a 2gb hdd!!! So its possible to install XP. just connect the HDD to the computer, place the setup disc in the cd/dvd drive n follow the setup instructions!!!

put the disc in into the disc drive, and follow the steps, it will install, you dont need a manual to install a game

Hi. I dont know how to install age of mythology gold edition with a disc. I press install and nothing happens

Yes when brought from a shop, all you do is put the disc in, install the content then play the content using the original fallout 3 disc.

Insert the disc into the disc drive.

If you don't have the original disc with the driver you can Google the model of it and add "driver download" at the end of your search.

I had this problem once.just go to a movie store and get it cleaned so it can read the disc.Then,if it still doesn't work,borrow the same disc from a friend,install it on your xbox,then take your disc and if it knows they are the same,it should work.if not,then idk

You can use the recovery disc.

Burn the downloaded iso image to disc. Boot from the disc....

OK, I'm presuming the disc has broke, when you've got them all on your computer?If so, do you mean the normal disc as in the Sims 2?No, you don't need the deluxe disc to install the normal disk, but you will need to un-install it from your PC, otherwise it'll get confused.

Yes, but you need to find Disc 1, Disc 2, and Disc 3. And then you can install the whole thing.

The Original Ford Expedition 6 Disc CD changer with Magazine. Goes install inside the center console. Between the two front seats.

Just put the disc into your system and it will automatically install.

Yes. But every time you want to play it you need the disc. Also, if you have any expansion packs or stuff packs you can use that disc for one computer and the one without the expansion/stuff pack with the original Sims 3 disc (I've done it before)

this only works on ps3. put the disc in your ps3, then go to your home screen. go to the game section. there will be 2 disc icons. one is assassins creed revelations, the other is the original. click on the original, then click on the game. it will install it your hard drive. then it will appear on your games list. you just have to click on it here to play it. the disc must be in the ps3 to play it though, :/. hope i helped

get a windows install disc of windows, pop it in your disc tray, and do a fresh install pretty obvious answer isn't it?

To install a game on the PC, click Run on the program file that you downloaded and follow the on-screen instructions. Alternatively, put the game disc in the disc drive and allow it to install automatically.

that`s all the matter its sucking in. and this forms a flat disc around the black hole similar to the disc around Saturn only the disc around the black hole is spiraling in on itselfs

You have to have a disc on-hand or do a Google search for an .iso file for the program you need, create an image disc, and then use that disc to install your program using the keycode that you purchase here.

Normally not but you can install a app where you can play it without disc.

There is a Black Ops game disc that is not a CD disc for the Nintendo Wii

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