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it sounds like the compressor drive belt is loose under the hood.or the noise may be the blower motor{blower that pushes air into your car} rule blower motor out by using fan in heat mode. Or maybe a bearing in the clutch has gone out.

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โˆ™ 2008-07-11 22:11:43
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Q: When your AC is turned on it makes a really irritating squealing noise. What could it be?
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What could cause squealing and tapping in a motor?

lack of oil

What could be causing a squealing from the engine in an infinity QX4 besides the belts?

It could be the bearing in your tension pulley.

Loud squealing noises when you let off the clutch pedal?

could be the throw out bearing

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What could be causing squealing noise on 2001 Explorer Sport?

loose or glazed fan belt.

Why is your car squealing before it is started?

It Could Be Your Serpentine Belt too tight or not tight enough.

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What causes the squealing in front end of 2001 Chevy Malibu?

it could be a serpentine belt or accessory belt.

What would cause squealing after a new alternator ac belt is put on?

It could be a bearing in an idler pulley.

What causes squealing when an aircompressor is running or idling?

A worn or loose out of adjustment drive belt could be the cause.

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What causes a squealing noise when driving forward but not in reverse?

It could be the transmission, it could be some parts under the vehicle that rub only when travelling forward.

What can cause squealing under the back of your 2001 Chevrolet Silverado?

Got under the truck and it turned out to be the front differential! Wasn't even squealing in the rear like I thought!! Thanks tho cause i thought the universal joint also but checked it anyway!

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Could antifreeze on my belts cause a squealing noise?

Yes.Equally likely is if the belt is much more than 3-4 years, the material is glazing over or hardening, which is another common cause of squealing.

2000 Cavalier Z24 belt squealing and it stops when the AC button is pressed - could it be the fan belt or the serpentine belt?

Could also be the belt tensioner ...

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What could a squealing sound in a BMW 750 be if it happens when the car is moving and even when engine in not running?

Cooling fan bearing?

What cause a squealing noise when applying breaks the car is a 200 g6?

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