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I would be honest with him about your feelings. . .but if he is hiding something, chances are he won't be honest with you. Generally, when someone asks for "space" (as long as you don't visit/phone/text and have to know his whereabouts 24/7) they are basically wanting to ease out the relationship with you without hurting your feelings. I'd see this as a break up and move on with your life.

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What notation should be made under return address on statement envelopes?

Under the return address you will want inprint address correction requested.

Why do you feel uncomfortable when you eat in front of your boyfriend?

You may feel uncomfortable because you feel self conscious about yourself and you think that your boyfriend will think you are a pig if you eat in front of him. My advice to you is to realize that if you do not feel comfortable eating in front of your boyfriend, you need to address this problem or risk the full relationship. If you can't eat in front of your boyfriend, chances are you may not be compatible. Love is supposed to feel good, and if you are anxious about this you should talk to your boyfriend about it or just tell yourself that it is OK for you to eat in front of him. If he won't let you eat in front of him, then the chances it will be a serious relationship are slim to none.

How do you get a guy to be your boyfriend if why he won't be your boyfriend is because you and your last boyfriend go in a big fight?

The best way to handle this situation is to talk to the guy. Address him, and explain why you and your last boyfriend got in a fight. Elaborate on your side of the story, and try your best to focus upon the idea that your previous relationship with someone else will most likely be very different from the one you will have with this guy. Also, explain how you have learned from that situation, and are better aware as to how to handle conflicts within a relationship. If the guy you like doesn't take the time to listen to you or continues not to care, move on. However, if he does listen and you both decide to begin a relationship with each other, follow through with what you told him. Remember the faults of your last relationship and the negative approaches you took. Then reconstruct your actions and handle such situations differently in this new relationship. It's only fair to your boyfriend.

What should you do if you have been with your boyfriend for a year but the last couple of months if feels like you have lost the spark and have nothing to talk about?

Depending on WHAT is causing the distance,your age and the nature of your relationship, you need to address it first with the boyfriend and then either need to split up or seek counseling. Relationships take work all the time. The best thing to do is talk to your boyfriend by telling him you feel the relationship is at a stand still and getting stale. See if he is as interested in improving it as much as you are. Go armed with suggestions of what you think can be doen. If he is not keen to the idea or open to suggestions maybe you need to rethink the relationship.

What should you do if you know that your boyfriend cheating on you?

Address him about it face to face.

Can your boyfriend address you best regards?

yeah... i dont see why not?

I would like to have the email of Davis & Davis Attorneys?

This is the email address you requested.

Hannah montna's boyfriend's email address?

According to her rep, she does not have a boyfriend.

Why does your boyfriend have a new email address?

because he wanted to get a new one.

How do you address a king?

Addressing a king is: Your Majesty.After introduction at any given event, you may address the King as Sire or Sir as requested by His Royal Highness, or instucted by an aide of the Protocol Staff.

What is the legal definition of live in boyfriend?

a boyfriend who lives with you...AnswerIf he receives mail or otherwise uses your address, this could be used proof that he lives with you.

What is Dora in networking?

DORA refers to the 4 phases of DHCP for acquiring a network IP address on a client.D - discoveryO - offer of an addressR - request - the client requests the offered address by DHCPA - DHCP acknowledges the request and the client has the requested address

How can you find site name from ip address?

ping with ip address. ex: ping

Why The page you requested was not found You may have clicked an expired link or mistyped the address Some web addresses are case sensitive?

You were blocked.

What address did he live at?

The Answers community requested more information for this question. Please edit your question to include more context or details.

How do you send a parcel to another country from England?

You wrap it up securely. Address it. Take it to the Post Office. Pay the requested postage.

Why are things weird between me and my boyfriend ever since he took my virginity?

Sex changes a relationship. It may be that was his main interest in getting to know you, or he has other feelings that he doesn't want to address, or any number of things. Hopefully, you used protection so that nothing else results from the experience.

How do you address the grandson of your nephew?

The grandson of your nephew is your great great nephew, but few people use that relationship as a form of address. Usually they call relatives by name or business title, not by relationship.

I need Relationship advice can anyone help me and I don't have enough room here to fit everything in?

Please just put down a short form of your question and it will be answered. I have taken your email address off your question as it is not wise to leave your email for many people to see. If your boyfriend has broken up with you then just say something like (Example:) 'Does it mean the relationship is over when my boyfriend and I have been arguing a lot and I know he is seeing another girl.

My boyfriend's email address is kdanalexyahoocomhelp me find his password?

* WikiAnswers does not give out personal information. If he's your boyfriend then phone and ask him for his email address.

Where can you get the usmps to be able to talk with your boyfriend who is in the air force?

USMPS? Are you looking for a mailing address?

What does it mean if you dream that you are stabbing your boyfriend to death?

Through Dream interpretation your dream is suggesting you may be angry with your boyfriend. Secondarily the knife may represent that you are repressing your anger with your boyfriend and you aren't able to address the issue.

Why was the Gettysburg Address written?

TO TELL ABOUT THE GETTYSBURG ADDRESSPresident Lincoln was asked to attend the dedication ceremony of the Soldiers National Cemetery in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and 'perhaps say a few words'. As to any ulterior motives, one may only was written in order to honor the soldiers that died in the battle of Gettysburg

What do you do if you love your boyfriend and you are cheating on him?

Try and work through why you are cheating on him if you love him. There has to be something you are not getting from him that is causing you to cheat. Once you figure out what you are missing in your relationship, address it with your boyfriend. Try and be honest, but be careful you don't hurt his feelings. He probably realizes that you are cheating, I've found most guys at least have a feeling their partner is cheating depending on the amount of time it has been going on. If you both love each other, there should be something you both can do to ensure the relationship is fulfilling for both sides.

How do you deal with a possessive boyfriend?

Well possessive boyfriend are hard to deal with it . If you have one then talk to him that how his possessiveness bothers you. And never give your address or land line number to a possessive boyfriend.You need to communicate how you feel to your boyfriend regarding his possessiveness towards you and stop enabling him from doing so. Tell him if he cannot trust you enough and is constantly overly possessive then you are ending the relationship. If you do not manage to curb his behavior it will only get worse until it is unbearable making you feel smothered and may even cost you some friends because of his behavior.

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