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When your car gets repossessed do you get your belongings that are in your car and what does it do to your credit?


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2004-05-28 11:54:35
2004-05-28 11:54:35

Jen, you SHOULD get your PP back. NOT giving it back is illegal and called 'conversion". There may be a fee for inventory and storage, but you get it back. Call the LENDER and tell them your problem. They are ultimately responsible for anything that involves a repo. Note: as a rule of thumb, you get back anything that would fall out if the car were turned upside down. That doesnt include things that are attached(wheels,tires,radios,TVs,playstations, funny little lights all over the car,ect)


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Yes you can retrieve personal belongings from your car if it gets repossessed. By law you are allowed 7 days after your car gets repossessed to retrieve your personal belongings.

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Just the same as if it was your car repossessed. Legally, you hold the same liability as the primary buyer.

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CALL the LENDER who had it repoed. they know where it is.

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