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If it is an older model with a 4 barrel carborater remove the top of the air cleaner leave the motor off puch open the top flaps on the 4 barrels (back 2) and then take a screw driver and tap on the flaps at the bottom sounds like the secondary flaps are stuck open slightly this is common on older cars because they may have not been kick open in awhile.

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Q: When your engine is running and the car is in park your car sounds as if someone is flooring the accelerator and is very loud what is wrong?
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What happens when you add fuel to engine while car is running?

I assume you mean add fuel by pressing the accelerator. In which case the engine runs faster.

Is a broken or disconnected accelerator cable a likely cause of accelerator suddenly not working but engine is running fine?

Yes, a broken or disconnected accelerator cable is the likely cause for the accelerator pedal to quit working. The car will still run fine but will not be able to accelerate past idle.

Resetting 1999 intrigue change Oil Light?

Try turning the key to "on" position without engine running and step on accelerator 3 times

How do you reset the light after you change your oil on a Chevy Tahoe?

Try turning the key to "on" position without engine running and push accelerator to the floor 6 times

Where is the throttle on a Mitsubishi montero engine?

Open your hood and have someone press and release the accelerator pedal while you look for movement at the end of one of the cables on the top of the engine. That is the throttle.

What is the purpose of accelerator in car?

The purpose of an accelerator is the car is to give the engine gas so the car will move.

No acceleration while pressing down on accelerator?

If the engine is revving up, then the transmission is having problems. If the engine is not revving, then check the linkage from the accelerator to the throttle body.

What are examples of Acceleration by increasing speed?

-- Dropping a stone off the edge of a cliff.-- Flooring the "accelerator" pedal while keeping the wheel straight.-- The speed of a bottle rocket or a Delta rocket before their fuel is used up or engine is shut down.

Why does a KH auto laser not move when the engine is running and the accelerator is depressed wit hthe selector is in Drive or Reverse?

Perhaps you should take your foot off the brake and see if that helps ;-)

Why does the engine slow down when you press the accelerator on a 90 Plymouth grand voyager LE 3.3L?

Why does the engine slow down when you press the accelerator on a 90 Plymouth grand voyager LE 3.3L?

How an accelerator works in bike?

For a gas engine, the accelerator opens a valve in the carburetor/intake manifold, which allows more air into the engine. With more air, the carb/injector will deliver more fuel. WIth more air and fuel going into the engine, the engine will make more power.

Why when you push the accelerator would your car blow a lot of smoke?

White smoke = Coolant leak, head gasket is the likely culprit. Blue smoke = Engine burning oil. Black smoke = Engine running too rich, wasting fuel.

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