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No, he/she or both goes to sleep whenever he/she is tired.

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Q: When your pregnant Does the baby sleep when you sleep?
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Why should a pregnant woman sleep?

because sleep is necessary for health, without the sleep her baby may not be as healthy

How can i get a good night sleep at night while the im pregnant and the baby kicking?

just sleep

What side is best to sleep on while pregnant?

It's recommended that pregnant women sleep on their left side to increase blood flow to the baby.

Should a 3 month pregnant woman sleep on her belly?

Yes. She can sleep like that. The baby is inside the pelvis by this time, well protected by bones.

Is it safe to take ambian while pregnant?

It is not good to take ambian which is a sleep medication while you are pregnant because it would effect the growth of the baby.

Why pregnant mother to be advised to sleep on the right side?

Actually you're supposed to sleep on your left side. That allows maximum blood flow to the uterus and your baby.

Can a 6-month pregnant woman sleep on her belly?

You can sleep how you are comfortable. The baby is protected. But at 6 months when the belly is hard not many feel comfortable doing that.

Do pregnant women always sleep with their back up?

yes because you don't want to hit the baby with the bed

Do Tundra wolves sleep near water when the mother is pregnant?

Yes, when a female is pregnant or have had their baby they need to drink. They can't walk far away from their baby. The male is usually getting food when the female drinks.

If you are unsure that you are pregnant which is the best way to sleep?

You can sleep in any position you want whether pregnant or not.

Can you get a baby pregnant wh're pregnant?

uh no! ur baby cant get pregnant when its in your womb!

What do baby rabbits do at night?

sleep and sleep

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