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Where Basic training school for primary school?

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basic training centre of goverment in kolkata

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What training or school does one require to be in the military?

Basic training, also referred to as Boot Camp.

How long were soldiers in the Vietnam War in boot camp?

For the US Army in the late 60s, approximately 8 weeks. Boot camp was officially called "Basic Combat Infantryman Training" (BCIT) or Basic Training for short and Boot Camp for slang. During that period of time, all men (women were WACs and not part of the fighting elements) were considered "infantrymen" first, then on to their primary MOSs (Military Occupational Specialty). Another words, after Boot Camp, the men went to Tank School, Artillery School, Engineer School, Medic School, Ordnance School, Truck Driver School, etc. Those were called AIT schools (Advanced Individual Training); that would be the man's primary MOS (his primary job in the army).

What was basic education?

Elementary or primary school: reading, writing, counting.

Is there a Basic Combat School in Texas?

The only branch which has Basic Training in Texas is the Air Force, at Lackland Air Force Base. Some Army posts in Texas do Advanced Individual Training, but none do Basic Combat Training.

What can you get out of high school jrotc?

basic training skills and advance in ranking for the real military

How long is Military Police training?

Army Military Police School is 2 months. Basic Training and MP School is a combined 20 weeks long called OSUT, which is One Station Unit Training

How long is the US Army basic training?

BCT (Basic Combat Training), also referred to as Basic Training or Boot Camp, last for nine weeks.After basic you will move on to job training/AIT (advanced individual training)

How long was basic training in ww1?

Seven weeks of basic training.

What is a synonym of elementary?

beginning, fundamental, primary, initialelementary school- junior school, younger childern's school.Synonyms for elemetary are: basic or rudimentary.

How do you spell elementry?

Just missing an A. The correct spelling of the adjective is elementary (basic, or a primary school).

What days do primary children go to school?

monday to friday. except for teacher training and bank holidays.

What has the author Edward A Pires written?

Edward A. Pires has written: 'Primary teacher training in Asia' -- subject(s): Elementary school teachers, Training of 'Principles of organization, administration and supervision for primary teacher educators in Asia'

How many people on a Navy ship during basic training?

Navy basic training is not held on shipboard. Basic training is held at the Recruit Training Command in Great Lakes, Illinois.

How is field artillery school for 13b us army?

Like seven extra weeks of basic training.

Mayflower primary school good or anderson primary school better?

Mayflower Primary School is a better school than the Anderson Primary School.

What is the largest training military base in us?

Almost all bases have a training section of some kind. Lackland Air force base is the training center for all USAF enlisted and the US Air Force Academy in Colorado is the training ground for all USAF Officers. But that is just AF basic training bases. After basic training there is Tech School and there are many bases that host the various career field tech schools. The Army, Marines, and Navy also have Basic training and tech school bases. One Marine training base is Camp Lejune in North Carolina. One Army training base is Fort Jackson in South Carolina. There is also an officer training base at Annapolis Maryland for Navy officers. And then there are many specialty training bases such as the Survival School training base in East Washington State.

What is navy seals training called?

BUD/s Basic Underwater Demolition School is required for all SEAL's but to get the trident they must also pass Jump School and SQT SEAL QUalification Training.

What is the primary focus of Spanish Riding School?

High levels of dressage, and the training of Lipizzaner horses, specifically stallions.

What makes up basic training?

Basic training consists of learning the fundamentals of a job.

Do you need to go to school to be a culinary artist?

No! Absolutely not. One of my teachers got his education from AIE training in the military. He went in to be a cook, and got a basic training.

How much more freedom do you have in tech training compared to basic training in the air force?

alot more, its the transition from basic to your job. there is three phases you have to earn the third being the most freedom but it depends on the tech school.

What is the best primary school in Scotland?

Lawthorn Primary School is the best primary school in Scotland

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