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Q: Where Can you Find Hair Pieces Like you Have in Movies?
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Describe differences between wool thread and nylon thread?

When you look through the microscope with the wool thread underneath, the wool thread looks like pieces of hair...plastic hair. And Nylon threads looks like just pieces of smooth hair.

How many pieces of hair are in one person?

it all depends on if they like the taste of hair i guess

I recently dyed my hair platinum blonde so why is my hair falling out in pieces?

Sounds like you over processed it.

Does catfish have hair?

no, it has scales and long whisker like skin pieces like a small mustache :)

Is Katrina Kaif hair curly or straight?

She has Straight Hair exactly as seen. Her hairstyle is same as seen in Movies. She does not like curly hair or haircut.

How does DNA help find common ancestors?

well DNA is like hair pieces and etc right. well if they were to run that through a machine i believe they can see who's got the closest genes and DNA to you.

Does a guy like you if he puts pieces of paper in your hair?

Yes because they don't know how to express their feelings.

Where can someone find reviews of recent christian movies?

There are plenty of resources to find reviews of recent Christian movies, like your favourite Christian magazine or websites like Plugged In, Crosswalk and Christian Cinema

How can you get your hair to look like Justin Biebers?

just go on youtube and find out how Justin bieber got his hair like that.

Where do you find out a bunch of information about interactive movies wanting to learn about making movies like feature films not you tube videos to be interactive asking questions and stuff?

You can find information about interactive movies online at

Where can one find free internet movies?

The best place to find free internet movies is from a service that is very much like netflix but is absolutely free. If you simply search for "Crackle" in google, you will find many free movies that stream directly from that site.

How much hair does a person?

Everyone one is different. Like i could lose 30 pieces of hair one day and 5 the next and you could lose 31 and 7 the next.

Can your hair go curly as you get older my hair is mostly like a wavy and straight but random pieces are really curly will my hair get curlier as i grow older?

it depends on your origin or your race. do your family have nice hair well yes adn if your family donnot maybe.

Where can someone find information about hair loss in men?

Information on hair loss for men can be found on official health websites like that of the NIH. You can also find information on websites like Bosley.

Where can you find hair products for kids?

you can go to any kind of store and find hair product for kids like sally's, Walmart,target,and more

Find the names of the jewelry pieces by adding one of the given letters to each word and rearranging the letters All the letters will not be used?

I like Jewelry. It is Pretty. It goes arround my neck, my hand, one my ears, around my ankles and in my hair.

Is hair restoration surgery painful?

"Yes, it is because you have to have small incisions done on your scalp, and pieces of hair sewn into them. It seems like it would be very painful once you woke up from surgery."

How come in the Harry Potter books they say harry has really messy hair that grows back as soon as he cuts it but in the movies his hair is cut in all the movies except the first movie?

1) His hair grows back when he WANTS it too. Like Aunt Petunia wanted his hair short, Harry didn't like it, so it grew back! 2) His hair is quite messy from the Chamber of secrets onwards. I think the director wanted him to look cute The same reason he hasn't got green eyes. the movie is different from the book so they leave out fine details like this.

How old was Elvis when he dyed his hair?

22 in 1957 when he started dying his hair for the movies, to photograph better, and to look a little bit like Tony Curtis, one of Elvis' heroes.

What are the uses for hair pins?

There are many other uses for hair pins other than being used for hair. Like in the movies they are used as a lock pick, something that can be translated into real life; should you ever need one.

Are there movies based on Harry Potter?

Yes, each of the original books have movies based off of them. There are also spin off movies being made, like Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them.

What are some of the most popular shopping websites for buying movies?

Where to shop for movies depends on what type of movies are desired. An online site like Movies Unlimited have a large selection of hard to find movies. For more recent movies, Amazon has a great selection and reasonable prices.

What shape does streptococcus look like under a microscope?

It looks chain-like, and you should find one that has six chain-like pieces.

Your hair red and is halfway down your back and you want to get it cut to your shoulders but do males find shorter hair attractive too?

Their are plenty of men who like short hair, red hair. long hair. Yes men will like your hair cut. So get your hair styled and you will be a cut above the rest.

What do you do if you got your hair cut and do not like it?

Wait for it to grow out, get hair extensions, or find cute ways to wear it online while you wait.