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Well...fortunately, they're not.

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Q: Where and how are hydrogen bombs used in society?
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Where were hydrogen bombs used?

Hydrogen bombs have never been used in war. They have only been exploded in test shots.

Was using the hydrogen bombs on japan necessary?

They never used hydrogen bombs in Japan. They used nuclear bombs which produces gamma rays not the lethal doses of x-rays produced by the hydrogen bomb.

Were h-bombs used on hiroshima and nagasaki?

No, they were atomic bombs. Hydrogen bombs were developed later.

Are hydrogen bombs illegal?

Hydrogen bombs are legal

Were there Hydrogen Bombs in World War 1?

No, there were not. Atomic weapons were not used in warfare until the end of WW2 and Hydrogen bombs have never been used in warfare at all.

What form is Einsteinium used in hydrogen Bombs?

Einsteinium is not used for nuclear weapons.

What is heavy water used for?

Heavy water is used in making hydrogen bombs.

America possess hydrogen bombs?

Yes, America does possess hydrogen bombs

What is hydrogen gas?

Hydrogen gas is an extremely high explosive gas often used to make bombs...

Is hydrogen gas?

Hydrogen gas is an extremely high explosive gas often used to make bombs...

What element was used to make a atomic bomb?

either uranium or plutonium may be used in fission bombs, hydrogen and/or lithium may be used in fusion bombs.

How many hydrogen bombs is one solar flare equal to?

"Millions of hydrogen bombs"

Who dropped hydrogen bombs in japan?

Atomic bombs, not hydrogen..The U.S. in August 1945.

What materials contain hydrogen?

hydrogen bombs

Are hydrogen bombs real?

Of course, hydrogen bombs are real from more than 60 years.

What are the uses of tritium h3?

Tritium is used to increase the efficiency of fission bombs and the fission stages of hydrogen bombs. It is also used in controlled nuclear fusion.

Do hydrogen bombs release nuclear radiation?

Yes. Hydrogen bombs are, in fact, a variety of atomic weapon.

Did we drop the hydrogen bomb on Vietnam?

No hydrogen bombs were dropped on Vietnam. No nuclear weapons of any kind were used in Vietnam.

Why is there a sound made when a flame is put in hydrogen?

it is is one of the property of hydrogen as it is highly inflammable gas ever known . it is also used in hydrogen bombs.

What is the Difference in radiation - atomic vs hydrogen bombs?

The same nuclear radiation is released by both fission (atomic) and fusion (hydrogen) bombs. Hydrogen bombs are larger, and produce more.

Was the hydrogen bomb used in world war 2?

No. Atomic bombs were used during WW2 in Japan, but they were "fission" weapons, which derived their destructive power from splitting apart the nucleus of an atom. Hydrogen bombs derive their destructive power from "fusion" reactions, or the merging of two Hydrogen atoms. This is the same chemical reaction that powers the sun. Hydrogen bombs were tested for the first time on November 1, 1952.

Are hydrogen bombs banned?


Did radiation reach the us after the hydrogen bomb in ww11?

There were no hydrogen bombs (fusion bombs) detonated during WWII.

Which can't be created on earth fussion or fission?

Both can be created on earth, and both have been. Fission has been used in atomic bombs, and fusion has been used in hydrogen bombs.

Was einsteinium used in the hydrogen bomb?

No, but it was produced in several of the tests and was first discovered in the fallout.