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Ptolemy would have made his observations in Egypt probably Alexandria around AD120 up to his death in AD168.

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in a lab

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Q: Where and when did ptolemy make his astronomical observations?
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When and where did Ptolemy make his astronomical?

Ptolemy would have made his observations in Egypt probably Alexandria around AD120 up to his death in AD168.

How did Ptolemy make his astronomical observations?

Im thinkin that it was made when he decided to look up at the sky one night and decided he would make an astronomical observation. idk just that's how i would make an oservation of the sky. [Rosco P. Coltrain]

Where did Ptolemy do his observations?

he studied at barnes and noble

Which Greek is known for the astronomical treatise almagest?


When did ptolemy start his observations?

late 1500's

Who had the earliest record of astronomical observations?

The sumerians

What were the oldest astronomical observations?

The Babylonians did the first recorded astronomical observations and for this they also invented the idea of angles and then decided to divide a circle into 360 degrees.

What has the author Robert R Newton written?

Robert R. Newton has written: 'Ancient astronomical observations and the accelerations of the earth and moon' -- subject(s): Acceleration (Mechanics), Ancient Astronomy, Eclipses 'The Origins of Ptolemy's Astronomical Parameters (Technical Publication / Center for Archaeoastronomy)' 'The moon's acceleration and its physical origins' -- subject(s): Acceleration (Mechanics), Moon, Observations, Origin

Which astronomer published a mathematical and astronomical treatise called the Almagest?


Megaliths were most probably related to?

Astronomical observations.

How does the atmosphere limit astronomical observations?

By being gay.

What do you call the place for making astronomical observations?

An observatory.

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