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Actually, there are two O2 sensors. One upstream on the exhaust manifold and one downstream at the catalytic converter. Either should be tested before shot-in-the-dark replacement.

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Is the 1998 Merc Villager 3.0 L an interference engine?

Yes , according to the Gates website ( they make timing belts etcetera ) the 3.0 litre V6 engine in a 1998 Mercury Villager IS an interference engine

How do you replace a fuel pump in a 1997 merc villager?

The fuel pump is in the fuel tank and the tank must be removed to access the fuel pump.

Where are speakers in 99 merc mystique at?

They're located in the doors.

Why do I have Sporadic heat 95 merc villager?

Low coolant? Bad thermostat? Water pump not circulating coolant? Defective radiator cap not building proper pressure?

How many miles to a gallon does a v6 get approximately?

depends on your driving habits and speed. Also type of car.I have a 2000 Merc. Villager still get 24/25 MPG at 65 mph on highway.

Where is the turn signal flasher on a 2000 merc grand marq?

It is located in steering colum as a curcuit board.

What does MERC stand for?

Mobile Emission Reduction Credit (MERC) .

How do you get to fuel pump1999 merc grand marquis?

Fuel pump is located in the trunk on the left side you have to remove the interior panel

What is the birth name of Merc Boyan?

Merc Boyan's birth name is Casey Boyan.

Where is the water pump located on a 95 merc tracer 1.9 liter?

It is located in the timing belt area, under the cover. It's difficult to access unless you have the proper tools and a garage.

When was Rihard Merc born?

Rihard Merc was born on April 15, 1939, in Zemun, Serbia, Yugoslavia.

When was Merc Boyan born?

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When was Thirsty Merc - album - created?

Thirsty Merc - album - was created on 2004-08-16.

Were is the diagnostics plug on a 109 cdi merc vito year 2006?

OBD2 ports are usually located in the driver's foot well, and are usually blue.

How rare is my 1962 mercury monterey 4 door hard top 352 v8 3 speed merc o matic VIN 2z62x508327?


What is the most expencive thing?


What is the market cap for Mercer International Inc MERC?

As of July 2014, the market cap for Mercer International Inc. (MERC) is $685,153,250.08.

When was Wasting Time - Thirsty Merc song - created?

Wasting Time - Thirsty Merc song - was created in 2003.

When was In the Summertime - Thirsty Merc song - created?

In the Summertime - Thirsty Merc song - was created on 2005-04-11.

How do you turn cheats on with mercenaries?

it depends on if you have mercenaries 1 or not sure on merc 1, but on merc 2 you need xbox live

What is pronunciation rebus for mercury?

merc ury

How do you replace motorized shoulder belt on 93 merc villager?

Ihad the same problem far as i see there ain't one ended up going to a pull and pay and bought all sensers that were associated with the problem it ended up it was the maf sensor i took the rest of the parts back

Does a 320 merc have a cam belt or chain?

320 Merc. Did you not have enough time to list the year and the full name of the vehicle. Is this a 320 Mercedes or a 320 Mercury? Merc is short for Mercury. Benz is short for Mercedes Benz. Also do you not have an owners manual that you can open and read?

How do you take out cneter console on 1998 Merc Sale?

A which?

Who is the lead singer of thirsty merc?

Rai Thislethwyate.

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