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Amway does not have stores. It is a Network Marketing business which means that you purchase through an Independent Business Owner, and if you join the business then in turn you can receive discounts and earn revenue off the purchases of the people that you get involved in the business. Once you become an IBO you can then make purchases direct through their website / or over the phone / by mail & products will be delivered to your door.

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If you are interested in becoming an Amway IBO, PLEASE read Eric Scheibeler's Merchants of Deception. There is, essentially, no reason for this company to exist. What they sell is easily obtained from any number of retail stores, usually at lower prices than Amway offers them and sometimes with higher quality. The whole business revolves around two things: building "downlines" by "showing the plan" and "breaking kits," and selling tools--motivational CDs to tell you how to run a more successful Amway business. The two biggest players in Amway who aren't named DeVos are Dexter Yager and Bill Britt. Both men own CD duplication plants that, among other things, generate tools by the boatload. They also have massive, international-scope downlines. Yager's downline has been described as containing "hundreds of thousands of distributors."

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Q: Where are Amway stores located in Washington and Oregon?
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