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Amway does not have stores. It is a Network Marketing business which means that you purchase through an Independent Business Owner, and if you join the business then in turn you can receive discounts and earn revenue off the purchases of the people that you get involved in the business. Once you become an IBO you can then make purchases direct through their website / or over the phone / by mail & products will be delivered to your door.

if you're interested in learning more or joining the business, send me a message on
If you are interested in becoming an Amway IBO, PLEASE read Eric Scheibeler's Merchants of Deception. There is, essentially, no reason for this company to exist. What they sell is easily obtained from any number of retail stores, usually at lower prices than Amway offers them and sometimes with higher quality. The whole business revolves around two things: building "downlines" by "showing the plan" and "breaking kits," and selling tools--motivational CDs to tell you how to run a more successful Amway business. The two biggest players in Amway who aren't named DeVos are Dexter Yager and Bill Britt. Both men own CD duplication plants that, among other things, generate tools by the boatload. They also have massive, international-scope downlines. Yager's downline has been described as containing "hundreds of thousands of distributors."

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Where are Amway stores located in Florida?

There are no Amway stores in the United States. Amway products in the US are distributed by Amway's sister company, Quixtar. You can purchase products online at or use that site to contact a Quixtar Independent Business Owner in your area.

Who is the CEO of amway?

The Amway CEO is Al Koop.

Where is Amway office in Shanghai?

The Amway office in Shanghai, China is located at One Corporate Avenue, 222 Hu Bin Road. The office rents for US $2 million per month.

Is Amway an mnc?

yes amway is an mnc in India from 1998

Where is Amway HQ in Iceland?

Amway HQ is sponsored by Iceland

What is the population of Amway Australia?

The population of Amway Australia is 300.

When was Amway Australia created?

Amway Australia was created in 1971.

Who is better amway and quicktar?

Quixtar is Amway. They are one in the same. Quixtar is currently undergoing a name change to Amway Global.

Is there any amway office you Saudi?

No, there is no any amway offices in saudi, becauz Amway Networking business is compeletly Haram, so every muslims should be avoid Amway networking business.

What is bigger the new amway arena or the staples center?

Amway arena

Where can you get Amway producte in Trinidad?

To get Amway products in Trinidad please email me at

Is amway business halal or haram in islam?

yes amway business is HALAL,because they not forejerry please u analise all about amway tell.its a truly business

Is there an Amway in Bahrain?


Does Barack Obama sell Amway?

No, he is not affiliated with Amway, nor is there any evidence he sold it when he was young.

Can one sell Amway products online?

i sell the product i intrest amway product excellent

What is the position of amway india in the world?

amway sip the saving of common Indian. It continuously suck it.

Where is amway made?

The majority of Amway products are made in Ada, Michigan, United States. Nutrilite products are manufacturered in Buena Park, California using organic ingredients from their farms in California, Mexico, Brazil, and Washington State. Artistry Skin Care products are produced in Ada, many have Nutrilite ingredients. In India and China Amway products are produced in local factories, though ingredients may be sourced abroad. Some Amway products are also manufactured by third party manufacturers in numerous countries.

Identify key competitors of amway in industry?

Amway competitors are primarily in the Cleaning Products industry. Amway also competes in the Housewares, Personal Care Products, and Nonalcoholic Beverages sectors. Amway competitive landscape includes: * Avon * Mary Kay * Procter & Gamble

Is amway a listed company?


Balance sheet for the last 5 years of Amway corporation?

I want to see the balance sheet of Amway Corporation

Why we will do amway business?

Amway is a multi-level marketing business that profits from individual sales. For some, it can be very lucrative.

How many countries do Amway have business in?

The company of Amway has been popular in the United States since the late 1950s. Amway now shares its products with the world, with business in more than 80 countries.

How long has Amway been in business?

The original company that later became Amway was formed in 1949. That company became an association of sellers in 1959. Finally in 1960 the company appeared under the Amway name.

Where could one find reviews about Amway India?

One can find reviews about Amway India through magazine subscriptions and also newspapers. The website glassdoor also provides a review on Amway India.

How many Countries now have Amway Products and Business?

More Than 91 countries now Amway Products are available.