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Nokia cell phones are made in several places. Here is a way to determine where yours came from. I cannot garuntee that this information is totally correct. This may or may not work for you.


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Where can one buy Nokia unlocked cell phones?

One can buy Nokia unlocked cell phones from Best Buy, Target and the Carphone Warehouse. Unlocked cell phones means cell phones that are not locked into a certain Network.

Which country developed Nokia mobile phones?

Nokia Phones were made in Finland

What are the cheapest cellular phones by Nokia?

Some of the cheapest cell phones by Nokia include the Nokia 3595, the Nokia 6010, The Nokia 6030, and the Nokia 6010. You can find a variety of Nokia phones for well below market price on the eBay website.

Are cellular phones made in the US?

Lots of brands of cell phones are made in the United States. Some of the brands that manufacture the phones in the US include Motorola, Nokia and Sony.

Can Nokia cell phones take pictures?

Most Nokia cell phones take pictures. Some earlier models might not, but all new models from Nokia do have picture taking capabilities.

Where might one purchase a Nokia cell phone?

Nokia cell phones can be purchased directly from Nokia, however most phones are purchased from wireless carriers as part of a multi-year plan of service.

What is the average cost of the latest Nokia cell phones?

The average cost of the latest Nokia cell phones depends on what carrier and plan someone has, as well as if it is a prepaid or contract phone. An unlocked Nokia Lumia 920 will cost about $600.00.

Nokia Cell Phones: From Simple Mobile Devices To Smart phones?

Nokia is a brand that has traditionally appealed to users looking for simple and affordable mobile phones. However, the company has made some serious innovations to its latest cell phones. For example, there are several Nokia smartphones available today that feature touch screens and comprehensive menus for personal and professional use. Nokia also offers several cell phones with full sliding QWERTY keyboards, which are easy to use for text input. Another distinguishing feature of Nokia phones is high resolution cameras, up to 8 Megapixels. Very few other mobile phones can match such a high quality resolution, which is similar to digital cameras.

What is the technical model of the nokia n97?

The Nokia N97 is smart phone type of cell phone sold by Nokia. Nokia is a Finnish cell phone manufacture and the N97 is one of their better selling phones.

Who has the best cell phones?

nokia,samsung,apple,sony ericsson

What carrier has the best new Nokia mobile phones?

The Nokia Lumina 920 is the latest in the series of cell phones offered by most major cell carriers. Rogers currently offers the Nokia Lumina 920 for $0 on a three year plan.

What cell services offer nokia mobile phones?

Most cellular providers offer Nokia mobile phones, however depending on the model you want it may be exclusive to a certain carrier. For some examples of current Nokia phones you can visit their website at www.nokia.com

Where can I learn about and read reviews of Nokia phones?

To purchase a Nokia phone, go to your local AT&T cell phone store and see displays of Nokia phones and their features. You are able to read reviews of the phones and their features by searching online, or discussing with the sales representative.

Which is better Nokia c6 or Nokia n97 mini?

n97 is the same 0f c6 but c6 is less in its price.ilike c6moreeeeeeeee Nokia n97 is one of the good handset of nokia ....its a ever green cell phones http://www.xpert4u.co.uk/mobile-phones/nokia-n97-deals.html

What cell phones are most durable?

The Nokia cell phone is the best cell phone in the world. The Nokia is strong and long lasting cell phone with an easy to use screen. The new Nokia Lumina comes in a hard shell with no moving parts.

Where can I buy nokia phones prepaid?

Nokia retails their prepaid phones at a variety of locations including www.t-mobile.com and www.amazon.com. Prepaid phones are a great way for people with poor credit to experince cell phoness.

How do you bypass voice mail password in a nokia cell phone?

It depends on the service provider. Remember, Nokia only manufactures cell phones; they don't provide cell phone service.

How many cell phones are made a year?

A lot of cell phones are made a year but I don't know the exact # of cell phones though

What are the major brands of cell phones?

There are many brands of mobile phones - Nokia, Samsung and Motorola are the three largest manufacturers.

What are cell phones made out of?

Cell phones today are mostly made out of plastic and lead, but newer phones are starting to be made with recycled materials.

What online websites sell cheap Nokia phones?

The online websites which sell cheap Nokia phones include the following website: Nokia, Mobile City, Flip Cart, Cell Hut, Amazon, Argos, and Snap Deal.

What kinds of products does Nokia make?

Nokia mostly make cell phones but they also make cameras as well. Nokia currently only produces electronic products.

Which is better Made by Nokia or Made in FinlandHungary?

The answer for the question,that in most of the Nokia phones you get "Made By Nokia" and "made by Finland/Hungary",Simply the answer for this is the better and the best performing phone would be "Made by Nokia" because it is the legal output of the original Nokia Company.But many people have a bad idea that "Made in Findland/Hngary" is the best,but statistics proove that "Made by Nokia is the best"*NOTE:In symbian 360 phones like N70,N71,N73 and N95 the "made in findland or Hungary is the very low brand" Where as the "Made by nokia " is the best

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