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They are first on the food chain as they are called producers. In essence, they would b eaten by a herbivore, etc.

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Q: Where are anemone on the food chain?
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What is a sea anemone on the food chain?

in the food chain a sea anemone is a consumer because it eats alive organisms. An anemone is also a carnivore

Why do sea anemone and a damselfish live together?

Symbiotic relationship, the anemone protects the fish from predators because of its stinging tentacles and the fish will return to the anemone with food to eat and spill some into the anemone which feeds it. The fish is protected by a slimy coat which stops it becoming anemone food.

What is the symbiotic relationship clown fish and sea anemone?

The relationship of the clown fish and sea anemone is symbiotic in that the clownfish, having a coating of mucous that makes it immune to the anemone's deadly sting, can swim in safety in the anemone's tentacles, meanwhile attracting other fish as food for the anemone.

What is the clown fishes natural food?

In the wild Clownfish live in a symbiotic relationship with certain species of Sea Anemone. The fish catches tiny bits of undigested food and other things that could damage the Anemone thereby protecting the Anemone, and the Anemone eats the clownfishes poo and protects the Clownfish with its stinging tentacles.

What type of food do anemone eat?

small fish and shrimp

Why is a komodo dragon food chain not a food chain?

It is a food chain.

What is a mekong food chain?

A Mekong food chain is a food chain of the Mekong region

If an animal from food chain is disappeared then what will be its effect on the food chain?

it would effect the food chain because one part of the food chain is missing

What is a diagram that shows how energy in fod flows from one organism to another?

A food chain.

What symbiotic relationship does a hermit crab and a sea anemone share?

Usually the anemone will attach itself to the shell of the hermit crab for transportation as well as the ocassional food gathering. And the hermit crab recieves protection from the anemone through the use of the anemone's natural ability of stinging things that get too close.

What is an anemones favorite food?

An anemone feeds of of plankton so i probally Plankton

Where can you find a piranha food chain. Or a food chain with a piranha in it?

the piranha cannot be at the end of the food chain.