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Where are bosch power tools made?



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Roughly ten years ago, most Bosch power tools were made in Germany, Switzerland or the USA. Most Bosch power tools are now either made or assembled in one of four countries:

  • Malaysia (e.g., corded sanders and cordless tools)
  • Mexico (e.g., routers)
  • Taiwan (e.g., table saws and sliding compound mitre saws)
  • China (e.g., reciprocating saws and hand-held grinders)

A few Bosch power tools are still made in Europe. Some Bosch SDS rotary hammer drills (e.g., RH328VC) and at least one Bosch angle grinder (1810PS) are still made in Germany. The Bosch 1590 and 1591 jig saws are still made in Switzerland.