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Roughly ten years ago, most Bosch power tools were made in Germany, Switzerland or the USA. Most Bosch power tools are now either made or assembled in one of four countries:

  • Malaysia (e.g., corded sanders and cordless tools)
  • Mexico (e.g., routers)
  • Taiwan (e.g., table saws and sliding compound mitre saws)
  • China (e.g., reciprocating saws and hand-held grinders)

A few Bosch power tools are still made in Europe. Some Bosch SDS rotary hammer drills (e.g., RH328VC) and at least one Bosch angle grinder (1810PS) are still made in Germany. The Bosch 1590 and 1591 jig saws are still made in Switzerland.

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Q: Where are bosch power tools made?
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Do you have list of inventions by Robert Bosch?

all bosch power tools

Where can I buy cheap bosch power tools?

The best hardware store for Bosch power tools is Hardware Hank. You can also find great prices on Bosch products online at

Where can I find good Bosch Power Tools?

Bosch Power Tools can be purchased online through the Bosh website They offer a great selection of tools. Bosch power tools is also available through local hardware stores like Home Depot.

What company manufactures Bosch power tools?

Bosch manufactures the more expensive ones in Germany or Switzerland and has the cheaper ones made in China.

Does Bosch manufacture Skil power tools?

Skil is a power tool division that Bosch has to serve the do-it-yourself market.

Who owns skill power tools?

It is a less quality brand division of Bosch tools.

Who makes Bosch tools?

The Bosch company develops and manufactures Bosch tools

What country does bosch tools come from?

the Bosch tools come from Asia

A what products do Bosch produce and sell?

bosch power tools, washing machines dishwashers stoves etc, car lights and batteries

What stores in Orange County, California sell Bosch Power Tools?

Bosch power tools main office is located in california. Their website will tell you all of the locations that are near you, you can also purchase online and have them sent to your home.

Are any power tools made in US?

Unfortunately ( in my opinion ) most power tool manufacture has now moved offshore. Almost all of the cheaper power tools are made in mainland China. Some more specialised tools are made in Taiwan, Phillippines, Singapore and Mexico. Some of these factories have some quality control over-sight from parent companies in US, Britain and Germany, but i'm not certain how much. I was recently dismayed to find that all Bosch tools under a certain price are now made in China. If you want a Bosch tool made in US or Germany it will cost over 500.

Where are metabo power tools made?

Metabo power tools are made in Germany and USA.

Where can one purchase a Bosch radion online?

Bosch radion are tools that provide power and radio service when the main power is down. Amazon, Lowes, Best Buy, Home Depot and overstock carry them.

What does the Bosch Group make?

The Bosch Group makes power tools, telecommunication components, appliances, thermotechnology equipment, pottery, pipes, earthenware, and automated-assembly machines

Who makes bosh hand tools?

The Bosch company used to make all their own tools in Germany or Switzerland. Now they have many made in other countries,some even in China. -I have many excellent Bosch tools over 20 years old made in Switzerland and Germany. So TG , I will never have to buy the ones made in China.

Where are Bosch vacuum cleaners made?

Bosch vacuum cleaners were originally made in Germany back in the "old days". However, since then China has become a massive power and production costs are significantly lower so Bosch is now made in China.

Where are Festool power tools made?

Although most Festool power tools are made in Germany, a few are made in the Czech Republic.

Where are Milwaukee power tools made?

Most Milwaukee power tools are now made in China. Some of the bigger ones are made in Taiwan.

How did power tools increases productivity?

Power tools made it faster to carry out many tasks.

Where online can Bosch Garden Tools be found?

The brand Bosch garden tools can be found at places such as Bosch Garden, Amazon, eReplacement Parts, Little Woods, Lowes, Home Depot, and other online auction websites.

Where are jet power tools made?


Where are Hitachi power tools made?

Most Hitachi Koki power tools are now manufactured in China.

Are Irwin tools made in the US?

Most os the hand tools are made in China with some specialty tools made in other countries outside the US. Power tools made in China.

Who owns ozito power tools?

Ozito was acquired by a German Company named Iron Horse a few months ago

Where are ridgid power tools made?

Most are now made in China.

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