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Where are deer often found?

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Deer are usually found in or around wooded areas. Sometimes they can leave their protection of a wooded area and into a field to find food or water.

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Do deer sleep when it rains?

No, deer do not always sleep when it rains. They are often found laying down when it rains in order to conserve body heat.

What types of deer are found in Ohio?

Whitetail deer are the only native deer found in Ohio.

Biotic components often found in a deciduous forest biome?

deer, maple tree, lichen

Where in ga are mule deer?

Mule deer are not found in Georgia, they are a western species. Only the white tailed deer is found there.

Are white tailed deer swimmers?

Yes. I have watched many deer cross ponds-lakes-and once watched a large Buck swim across a very rapid river. Deer are found in the water so often that the Department of Natural Resources often post in the hunting regulations that it is against the law to shoot a deer while it is in the water.

Do alligators eat deer?

Alligators do often eat deer.

Which is a large deer?

I think the largest deer is the Mule Deer, found in Rocky Mountains.

Are deer found in Asia?

Yes, called roe deer.

What kind of deer are found at Pebble Beach?

Tyler deer

Where deer normally found?

Deer can normally be found throughout the entire US and probably into Mexico and Canada.

Do herbivores have canines?

Many, though not all, herbivores have canines. For example, canine teeth can be found in horses and deer, but they are often smaller than the canines found in carnivores.

What is the difference between a deer heart and a human heart?

Deer hearts are found in deer; and some shops. Human hearts are typically only found in humans.

Are deer found in the jungle?

certain type of deer, but not the average whitetailed

What states are deer in?

Some species of deer are found in every state.

Where are deer not found?

Deer have a large distribution worldwide. The only places they are not found are Australia and Antarctica. Africa only has two types of deer. An indigenous species is found only in the Atlas Mountains. A fallow deer population has been introduced into South Africa. So most of Africa is deer-free.

Where can a red tail deer be found?

It can be found in a forest.

Why is a deer tick called a deer tick?

because it is found mostly on deers!

What continent do deer live on?

Deer are found on all continents except Antarctica.

Which types of deers are found in India?

Sambhar deer, Barasingha deer, Spotted or Chital deer, Hog deer, Muntjac deer, Kashmir Stag, and Thamin deer. They have more species of deer than anywhere else.

Are there whitetail deer in africa?

No, White-Tailed Deer are only found in North America and South America. The only deer species in Africa are the Red Deer and Fallow Deer.

What exotic deer in the state of South Dakota start with the letter b?

There are two types of deer that live in South Dakota, the Mule Deer and the Whitetail Deer.There are two types of deer that might be bred as exotic animals in South Dakota that start with a b.The Blacktail Deer is a sub-species of the Mule Deer. The Blacktail Deer is found in the Pacific Northwest.The Barasingha deer, also called the Swamp Deer, is found in India.

Where can you find a deer?

They can be found in the forest.

What mammals are found in Maryland?


What animal can be found on every continent but Australia and Antarctica?

The whitetail deer can be found on every continent but Australia and Antarctica. Whitetail deer is one of about the 100 types of deer that are recognized in the world.

What two species of deer can be found in Big Bend National Park?

The two species of deer found in Big Bend National Park are the Sierra Del Carmen Whitetail and the Mule Deer.