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This is a list of the most popular places in Australia but of course there are many more amazing places to visit.

1. Sydney NSW Capital city of New South Wales

2. Great Barrier Reef QLD 2000 kilometres of coast from Bundaberg to Port Douglas

3. Tasmania Capital city is Hobart, well known for its wilderness areas

4. Melbourne VIC Capital city of Victoria

5. Uluru NT Also known as Ayers Rock in the heart of Central Australia

6. Red Centre NT Alice Springs and the surrounding areas

7. Great Ocean Road VIC A very scenic coastal drive

8. Kakadu National Park NT In the Top End of Northern Territory

9. Gold Coast QLD Stunning beaches, a Surfing paradise and exciting theme parks

10. Fraser Island QLD The largest sand island in the world

11. The Kimberley WA Absolutely stunning unique landscapes in every direction

12. The Daintree Rainforest QLD Is the largest tropical rain forest in Australia

13. Whitsunday Islands QLD Is in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef

14. Barossa Valley SA Well known for it's wineries, cuisine and country views and walks

15. Ningaloo Reef WA Is one of the largest reefs in the world making an undersea paradise

16. Perth WA Capital city of Western Australia

17. Brisbane QLD Capital City of Queensland

18. Blue Mountains NSW Marvel at the majestic landscapes

19. Darwin NT Capital city of Northern Territory

20. High Country VIC The Victorian Alps is part of the Great Dividing Range

21. Adelaide SA Capital city of South Australia

22. Snowy Mountains NSW Are the highest ski fields in Australia

23. Broome WA Well known for pearls and the beautiful Cable Beach

24. Kangaroo Island SA Stunning beaches, forests, desert dunes and farmland

25. Phillip Island VIC Well known for its penguins, seals and the Grand Prix

26. Capricorn Coast QLD Includes 13 beaches from Yeppoon to Emu Park

27. Limestone Coast SA Perfectly sculpted beaches, towns include Robe & Beachport

28. Goldfields VIC Visit towns where gold was found & visit beautiful old buildings

29. Byron Bay NSW A very popular beach & holiday location

30. Yorke Peninsula SA Renowned for cruisy atmosphere and laidback lifestyle

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When is a good time to visit Australia?

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What are the yearly Australian holidays?

There are various holidays celebrated in Australia but some of the National public holidays include Australia Day and Anzac Day. Other yearly holidays are much the same as North America with New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

What holidays do they have in Australia?


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When are the public holidays in Australia?

There are numerous public holidays celebrated among the eight regions of Australia. There are only six holidays, however, that are celebrated by all eight regions. These are; New Years Day (Jan 1), Australia Day (Jan 26), Anzac Day (April 25), Christmas Day (Dec 25), Good Friday (Varies) and Easter Monday (Varies).

Which state in Australia has the most public holidays?

Currently, South Australia has the most, with 13 public holidays. See the related link below.

What are the public holidays in December in Australia?

Public holidays in December in Australia are Christmas Day (25 December) and Boxing Day (26 December).

How many places in Australia?

how man places in Australia

Where can someone find a list of public holidays in Australia?

There are many sites you can visit to find out the public holidays taking place in Australia. Wikipedia has a list of these holidays and there is also a site dedicated to public holidays across all countries where you can find the information.

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Where in Australia is Cheltenham located at?

In Australia Cheltenham is actually based in Victoria, and there are numerous of places that are available in that town, and that there good things to do.

What 2 national holidays occur in Australia in January?

Australia Day, and National Day

Does Australia have holidays that the US does not?

Yes. Australia celebrates the following holidays which are not recognised in the US:Australia Day on 26 JanuaryANZAC Day on 25 Aprilthe Queen's Birthday (dates vary from state to state)

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Name a country that has a desert in it?

A good example of a country with a desert in it is Australia. The dry and hot places are simply called The Deserts of Australia.

Does Santa Claus live in Australia?

No, he lives at the North Pole, but I believe he comes to Australia for his holidays.

Is there a holiday for Australia on December 3rd?

No. Australia does not recognise or celebrate any holidays on 3 December.

What are the major holidays in Australia?

Australia has many different holidays one special one is Christmas and New years day! Are you stupid is also another holiday! - John Smith

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What places are there in Australia?

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What is a good website to start to plan a trip to Australia?

A good website to use to start to plan a trip to Australia will be the Australian Tourist board website. This gives loads of information on the sights and good places to visit.

What holidays are not celebrated in the US?

There are many holidays not celebrated in the US. The Queen's Birthday, ANZAC day and Australia Day are just three of many holidays not celebrated or recognised in the US.