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Most of the calories consumed through food are burned through your Basic Metabolic Rate. This is the energy required by your body to simply stay alive, and accounts for between 50% and 80% of the bodies total energy expenditure.

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What happens to calories in food when food is burned?

calories are energy. when they are burned they give your body energy and then the waste goes to the excretory system.

The food we eat is broken down in our digestive tract but where are most of the calories in your food actually burned?

The muscle cells burn the most calories during active movement. On average, the body's normal functions will be the primary source of energy consumption. (~60% of a persons daily caloric intake is burned in this way.)

How is the measurement of calories in food determined?

Food is burned to see how much energy is given off. The food is places in a sealed container and burned to measure the rise in water temperature. The amount of energy given off is the amount of calories in the food.

How many calories are burned while making out?

It entirely depends on your work-out intensity. Swimming and ruining burned the most calories.

How does a scientist measure the amount of energy in food?

by burning it, and measuring the calories burned.

Calories burned doing 15 push-ups?

6 to 10 calories at most

In one day the majority of calories that you burn comes from?

Most calories a burned off by sweating

How many calories are burned while working at a fast food restaurant?

None. You acutally gain more calories because you end up eating the food there

How are calories calculated in food items?

Food is burned. A sample of the food is placed in an insulated, oxygen-filled chamber that is surrounded by water; this chamber is called a bomb calorimeter. The sample is burned completely. The heat from the burning increases the temperature of the water, which is measured and which indicates the number of calories in the food. For example, if water temperature increases by 20 degrees, the food contains 20 calories. This method of measuring calories is called direct calorimetry.

How many calaries burned eating watermelon?

There is no food that requires more calories to eat than it contains. You will gain calories by eating watermelon.

How many calories burned by spinning for an hour?

In about an hour of spinning i burned arounf 570 calories.

How many calories are burned running 12 laps around a high school track?

The actual number of calories burned vary depending on the speed of the run and the weight of the runner. While the number of burned calories can vary, an average number of calories burned are 200.

What is the food with the most calories?

It is impossible to accuratly guess what food has the most calories, since there is edible food in existence that humans have not even discovered yet

Does this treadmill display the calories burned?

Yes, this Ironman Acclaim Treadmill does display the number of calories you have burned.

How many calories burned skiing?

Many calories

How many calories burned in shopping?

25 calories

What is the difference between kcal and calories?

1000 calories equal 1 kilocalorie or kcal. Usually when people talk about calorie content of food or burned calories, they actually mean kilocalories.

How many calories are burned with 10 minutes of running?

It depends on your weight, I think. Most likely around 100-150 calories.

How many calories burn in dips?

I've read numerous articles on this and the number 3 for calories burned seems to be the most common answer

How many calorie burned in 30 minutes strength workout?

Many calories are burned during a minute per 5 minutes about 1600.50 calories are burned so multiply that by 30 = 48015 calories are burned in 30 minutes workout

How many calories are burned doing squats?

(wieght in lbs) x (.096)= ( calories burned per min) x ( total min worked out) = calories burned

What are the top foods that become fat?

For the same number of calories, any food is essentially just as likely to become fat if not burned. If you consume more calories than you burn, the food will be stored as fat.

How many calories burned equal a pound?

3500 calories

How many calories burned per minute for 6.5 kmph walking?

The number of calories burned is really determined by the weight of the walker. For a 180 pound walker, the number of calories burned per minute are 9.16.

How many calories are burned in the sauna?

Not much, since most of the weight lost is just sweat (that is mostly water, that is zero calories) and toxins.