Where are shut-off valves?


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In every home thee are a number of shut-off valves. Where the water pipe enters the house is the main shut off, usually beside the PRV, a bell shaped device for regulating the house pressure. This main cold line will then branch off to the water heater, bathrooms and kitchen. Each faucet and the water heater and the toilet will have a shut-off valve. The hot water line comes out of the top of the heater and goes to bathrooms and kitchen. Each hot faucet also has a shut-off valve under it.

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One for the hot water, one for the cold.

Open the shutoff valves at the rear of the last trailer and listen for air flow.

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Some shower valves have integral stops which can be accessed by removing the trim plate. Most shower valves don't have these and the water is shut off by turning off the main valve to the house or apartment.

Throttling. They also are good for shutoff (especially if the inlet is 'over the seat'). And many relief valves are based on globe valve bodies.

Sometimes a loose washer in a shutoff valve can cause this problem. Replacing the shutoff valves usually will take care of the problem.

The key word is "drain", meaning it works by gravity, so a drain value should be at the lowest point in the system. Typically there is one just past the meter. If a lawn irrigation system is a branch of the main system it should have its' own drain valve for winterizing it. You can purchase stop valves (or shutoff valves) with built-in drain or bleeder valves.

As long as there are working valves to shut off the hose at the washing machine connection, you do not need to shut off the main. If there are no valves there or they do not work, you must shut off the main before starting and then take advantage of this time to install shutoff valves as well.

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Gm vehicles do not have fuel safety/shutoff/inertia switches.Gm vehicles do not have fuel safety/shutoff/inertia switches.

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No, the nut on the valve needs to be tighten. When you turn off your faucet, pressure in the line is increased and the seal in the valve is not tight enought to hold back the water. The brass or nylon coupling in the water shutoff valve may also be damaged and need to be replaced.

A loud whistling in the pipe after flushing the toilet may indicate that the shutoff valve needs to be replaced. Replacement valves are available at most home improvement stores.

You can have automatic circuit breakes and shutoff valves for water and gas. You can enforce a building code that calls for all buildings, particularly multi storey ones to be quake resistant.

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Chrysler does not use shutoff or inertia switches.Chrysler does not use shutoff or inertia switches.

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The Cuisinart Brew Central is a nice coffee maker with a shutoff feature.

There isn't a fuel shutoff switch on General Motor's cars.

There isn't a fuel shutoff switch on General Motor's cars.

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