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Answer Where to go in the Orlando area.

We love to go to ride on the air boats. What fun when they take you close to the alligators. This to the south of Orlando in the Kissimmee and St. Cloud area. A real interesting place to go is Kennedy Space Center. We also love the Disney parks, especially Epcot. We had the most fun at Universal Studios. There are so many things to see and do. Another thing is be sure to rent a villa with a pool. Now you will be close to all the attractions. After a day of exploring come back to your villa and jump in the pool and relax. We love it !


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What are some of the places to visit in Florida?

orlando and mami

Where are some vacation places that begin with the letter o?

Orlando, Florida

What are some good sights to see in Florida while on vacation?

Disney World, Universal Orlando and SeaWorld Orlando are the most obvious ones. Other popular places that draw in tourists are Daytona Beach, The Keys and Amelia Islands.

What are some cool places to go in Florida?

Club sky in Tampa and Orlando and Miami and bush gardens and adventure island!

What are some good places to travel to in Florida?

Disney world or tampa these places are amazing!!

Where can one find information on Orlando Florida online?

You can find information on Orlando, Florida online at hundreds of websites on the world wide web. Some websites are Visit Orlando, My Florida, and Visit Florida to name a few.

What are some tourist attraction in Florida?

in Orlando Florida, there is gatorland, universal Orlando, sea world and Walt Disney world

What are the physical characteristics of Orlando Florida?

There are a variety of geographic features of Orlando, Florida. Some of these include orchards, lakes, as well as swamps.

Do cows live in Florida?

yes i saw some in Orlando

Where are some good places to get drunk in Destin Florida?

At home, in the care of a designated 'drunk-sitter'.

Where are some good pilates workout places in Florida?

There are lots of places in Florida that do pilates workouts.One of the best is called olympia gym in Aventura and another good one is called pilates of palm beach in Boynton beach.

What are some bodies of water in Orlando Florida?

it is st. john river

What was the weather in November 2006 at Orlando Florida?

sunny with some clouds

Where can one find hotels in Orlando Florida?

There are many websites devoted to finding and booking accomadations in Orlando, Florida. Some of the most popular are Orbitz, Expedia, Travelocity and TripAdvisor.

What are some good part time employment opportunities in Orlando FL?

One of the best places to find part-time employment in Orlando is at restaurants. Orlando also has plenty of amusement parks which have many part-time job opportunities.

What were some sports teams of Florida?

Florida gators Tampa bay Bucs Orlando magic and Tampa rays

What are some famous people from Orlando Florida?

Tiger Woods, Daniel Tosh

What are some of the biggest cities in Florida?

Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Orlando, Tampa, and Miami.

What are some places of interest for those visiting Florida?

Some places of interest for those visiting Florida would be the following places: The Florida Aquarium, Palms Up Pottery, 2 Jays Art Studio and The Hub.

What are some fun things you can do in Orlando Florida?

Some fun things to do in Orlando, Florida include: - Disney World - Epcot - Hollywood Studios - Animal Kingdom - Universal Studios - Islands of Adventure - Downtown Disney - Sea World

Where can one find the best realtors in Orlando?

Focusing on real estate at Orlando you can find Florida and here is some list of best realtors: Rick & Jaon Belben at Apopka, Florida. Tim Van Antwerp at Lake Mary, Florida.

What are some historic places in Florida?

this is fun

What are some famous places in Florida?

Some of the places in Florida you could go are Walt Disney World, Miami Sea Aquarium, and TONS of beaches!

Human characteristics in Orlando Florida?

Some human characteristics are the theme parks and buildings.

What are some cheap hotels in Orlando,Florida?

Cheap hotels in orlando florida can be found on sites such as hotwire, priceline, or hotels. Often they may have lower rates or you can bid for a lower price can get member rewards.