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* Google images * See the Spaceplace link below

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How do astronauts take pictures?

Astronauts use a camera to take pictures, similar to how pictures are taken on earth.

What were the astronauts looking for on the moon?

The astronauts were collecting moon rocks and taking pictures as well.

How do astronauts take pictures of earth from outer space?

how do astronauts take photos in space

Have astronauts or satellites visited sun flares?

no but they have taken pictures

How did the astronauts survive the heat in the pictures because the sun is shining?

by not going to the moon at all and taking the pictures somewhere else

Pictures of first two astronauts land on moon?

You can find them anywhere on the internet.

Where can you find pictures of astronauts?

See the Web Link to the left for a number of options. The general NASA site also has images throughout it, particularly on astronauts bio pages.

Where can you get pictures of the astronauts?

Here an is great website that contains images of astronauts, as well as images that astronauts took: Here are more opinions and answers from other FAQ Farmers: * Go to Yahoo, Google or Kids and go to images and write astronauts.

Do astronauts die in space?

Well, some astronauts do. Not all astronauts will die in space, but some will if the mission went wrong or if it is just being there when you die of natural causes.

What careers did early astronauts have before they were astronauts?

Almost all of the early astronauts were military (and some civilian) test pilots.

Who shot the footage of the first humans on the moon?

There were some remote control cameras already hooked up to the spacecraft and the astronauts took many pictures/videos of each other,

How can you colonize Uranus?

There is no way to colonize Uranus. Because astronauts have not even been there. They can only get satellite pictures.

What are some characteristics of an astronauts?


How do astronauts relax in space?

Some astronauts listen to their favorite music.they read there favourite book

What disease affects astronauts?

I don't know of any specific diseases that effetc astronauts. However, something astronauts do suffer from is extreme muscle atrophy. That is, the loss or shrinking of skeletal muscle. This is due to the amount of time spent in a zero-gravity environment. This is also why you do not see pictures or videos (or press conferences) of astronauts after they returned to earth.

What are the similarities of early explorers and astronauts?

The austernaughts draw pictures and the xplorers of the past had no power but had moter and mmoter boated

What did the astronauts do on Apollo 8?

The Apollo 8 crew were the first to orbit the moon. They took video and pictures then returned to Earth.

What did astronauts return from moon?

Rock, core, and soil samples, as well as many hundreds of pictures and many hours of video

Why are astronauts also scientists?

Astronauts are not necessarily scientists. In fact I'd guess few astronauts are scientists. The original astronauts were test pilots. Some had degrees in engineering. The term rocket scientist is probably a misnomer as most rocket design is done by engineers. Some science specialists are involved.

What do astronauts do while there in space?

They find their landing spot and start heading to it. When they reach their destination they begin doind tests and taking pictures.

What dangers do astronauts face?

Some dangers astronauts face are losing oxygen, losing contact with base and crash landing.

Show some diagrams of volatile memory?

displayed some diagrams or pictures displayed some diagrams or pictures displayed some diagrams or pictures

Name some of the astronauts for USSR?

Popovitch, Janibekov

What some problems of the astronauts in space?

the black hole

What are the names of some women astronauts?

yuri gagrin

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