Where are the 10 bear heads on build a bear ville?


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You can look on Yahoo! also: 1. Town Square - On the ourning above a window on the left.

2. Bear University - On the roof of a small stable to the left of the main School entrance.

3. The Clothing Store - On the top right corner on the wood banister thingy

4. Furbulous Fashion District - On the roof of the coffee shop

5. The Build-a-bear store - On top of the stuffing machine

6. The Neighborhood - On the roof of a house to the right, right before the chimney (It's slightly covered with snow at the moment)

7. Pawforming Arts Center - On the Bear-shaped plant to the left of the building.

8. Paw Park - On the nature circle on the left (It's covered in snow at the moment)

9. Friendship Forest Park - In the forest, on a snowy circle to the upper left right when you enter.

10. The Sportsplex - Behind the bleachers passed the race track. Hope it helps!