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Where are the 4 runner fuses?


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underneath the hood in a fuse block, or under your left knee on the driverside in the cabin There is also a set of fuses behind the glove box.


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The 1992 Toyota 4-Runner does not have a separate fuse for the clock. There are, however, two fuses that control the radio and clock. At slots 18 and 19 in the fuse box, there is a mirror/radio fuse and a radio fuse.

Drivers side foot panel. Just above the panel. Shouldnt need to remove the panel to get to the fuses.

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You have two: one under the hood on the driver's side in a black box about 4" X 6" with the fuses listed on the top. the other is right beside your hood release latch.

Check the door jam on the drivers side of the 4 Runner you will most likely find a sticker there that tells you the right tires for your 4 Runner.

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