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Some of the best places in Canada to buy a computer include Walmart and Best Buy. Other stores to buy computers in Canada are Gear Live, Newegg and PC World.

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Q: Where are the best places in Canada to buy a computer?
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Where can you buy computer mice?

One can buy a mouse for a computer almost anywhere that computers are sold. The best places to check for a mouse are Best Buy, Target, Amazon, and Walmart.

What products does Best Buy Canada offer?

Best Buy Canada offers the same electronics, telecommunications, and computer products that any other Best Buy retailer in the United States would sell.

Where is the best place to purchase computer video cards?

Computer video cards can be purchased at a variety of places. Some of the best places to find them are Amazon, Best Buy, Toms Hardware and Tech Radar.

How do you find out what database software your computer is using?

The best place to find out about your computers database software, is to call the computer store you bought it from. If you have a used computer, you can call places like Best Buy or computer repair places and they can answer your question.

Where can one buy a Dell Latitude battery for a laptop computer?

There are many places where one can buy a Dell Latitude battery for a laptop computer. One can buy a Dell Latitude battery for a laptop computer at the official Dell website or at Best Buy.

Where could one buy computer software to edit a home movie?

One of the best places to buy computer software is at Best Buy. They offer a variety of software and knowledgable people who can provide information to better suit the needs of the project.

Where are the best places online to buy computer speakers.?

The best place to buy computer speakers would be Wal-Mart or Target, they have them fairly cheap. You might also try online action sites such as EBay.

Where can one fix computer errors?

There are many places where one can fix computer errors. One can fix computer errors at popular places such as the Best Buy Geek Squad section and the Apple Genius Bar.

What stores can I buy computer workstations?

You can buy computer workstations and many different retailers. Some of the best and most affordable places to buy them are in the same places where you might buy a computer for example, office supply stores such as Staples and Office Depot or larger electronics department stores such as Best Buy. If you are looking for something that is more ornate and perhaps less ordinary you may try contracting a carpenter or furniture maker to build you a custom computer workstation.

Where can one buy a kids computer desk in Houston?

If one is looking to buy a kids computer desk in Houston there are many places to look. Best Buy, Walmart and CraigsList are options as well as Ikea and Target.

How do you make a computer desk?

With the cost of supplies these days it's best to buy a cheap computer desk and a few places are Walmart, IKEA, etc.

Can you buy total cereal in Canada?

in some places you can

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