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Not sure about the 1999, but in my 2003, they begin in the front corners of the sun roof. On a dry day, open the roof, pour some water in the drain trough, and watch where it drips onto the ground. Mine exits at the base of the front door post on the passenger side, and at the base of the centre door post on the driver's side. Maybe the other two posts have drains as well, which may be plugged. I'm still checking this out. Someone suggested blowing them out with air, or using a thin, flexible reamer, which I haven't tried yet. BR

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Q: Where are the drain channels and tubes for the sunroof for a 1999 Lincoln Town Car and how do I clear them?
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How do you unplug the rear drain holes on your 1992 Lincoln mark 7 factory sunroof?

where are the drain holes on the rear part of the sunroof and how do i clear them

How do you clear drain pipes in the sunroof of a 2001 volkswagen beetle?

How do you clear drain and tubes in the sunroof on a 2001 new volkwagen beetle?

How do you repair sunroof drain tube?

Open the sunroof and find the four drain holes. Clear any debris. Blow air inside the drain tubes to find out if there is any blockage. Slide the replacement tubing inside the drain hose.

Why does rain get in your corner panels thropugh the sunroof drain holes So how do you solve this problem?

Make sure drain tubes are clear so water can run out

How do you clean sunroof drain holes ford escape?

A bottle brush is perfect for cleaning sunroof drain holes on the Ford Escape. The smaller tip on a two-tip bottle brush can be inserted and then pulled out to clean sunroof drain holes.

Where is the sunroof drain located on a Subaru Outback Impreza 2000 in order to unclog it with compressed air?

Remove the celling apolstry and going down the right and left front windshield supports are a set of clear drainage hoses for the sunroof.

Where are drainplugs for moonroof on a 1991 Nissan Maxima?

the drain plugs are at the front part of the sunroof you will have to take the sunroof out to see them

How do you unclog the sunroof drain on a Chevrolet Impala?

There are four drains on the factory sunroof. Two in the front corner and two in the rear corners. The front two are the easiest to get to. If you have access to compressed air take a blower with and extended tip and blow air in the front drain holes. Make sure you clear any debris that may have fallen inside your drain channel. The rear two will be able to be cleared if you have access to a piece of 3\8 clear tubbing you can attach to your air blower and repeat the same process as you did for the front. If all fails take it to an aftermarket sunroof company in your area.

Where is Saturn sc2 sunroof drain?

One at each of the four corners.

How do you clear drain holes on a Mazda mx3 sunroof?

I found the answer here:

Sunroof drains 2000 Camry?

A common problem with the 2000 Toyota Camry is sunroof drain clogs and leaks. These can be repaired through the dealership.

Where is sunroof drain on Kia Sorento?

On a 2006 there are is one at each corner at the front of the sunroof. If you open the sunroof and stand in the back floor board with the front seats pushed forward you can see them with a flashlight. Use a thin wire or a thin weed eater string to push through it. I rinsed it ours with isopropyl alcohol and used low pressure air to clear it.

Where is the sunroof drain on a exlporer?

I know there are two in the front that run down the A posts

Basement Drain Repair?

form_title=Basement Drain Repair form_header=6903 How would you describe the interior channels you need to have repaired?*= () Plastic channels behind baseboard () Channels dug into concrete slab () Covered channels buried in slab () Don't Know How would you best describe the problem?*= () Channels can't handle water volume () Channels not sloped properly to drain () Channels drain to faulty sump pump () Channels are clogged () Bad odors () Requires cleaning/maintenance

Where is the drain for the sunroof on Hummer H3?

the sunroof shouldnt have a would leak in your vehicle if it had a plug to pull.wind should take care of rain water

I have a 1983 Mercedes Benz 300sd turbo diesel There is a rainwater leak that comes in either from the sunroof the windshield or some other opening How to I stop the leak and what should I use?

The leak may be from clogged Sunroof drains. Others have said that you can use compressed air to clear the lines to have them drain properly.

How do you fix a leaking sunroof in a 2001 brava?

All factory installed sunroofs that retract flush into the roof have a channel around their perimeter and there are drain tubes attached to the corners. The drain tubes run down the roof pillars and drain near the wheel wells. Typically sunroofs leak because these drain tubes have become clogged with debris, usually small leaves and stuff from parking under trees and leaving your sunroof open. If the sunroof can open wide enough to see the drain holes you might be able to press a hose into it that can shoot air pressure or water pressure through it to drive out the debris. If the car's in nice shape and your not mechanically inclined, you should take it to a local body shop and ask them to fix it. They can remove the sunroof for better access and do a better job.If it's a cheapo after-market sunroof someone put in, it won't have the recess channels and drain tubes. They usually just have the glass pull down against a top gasket and you'll have to look for a spot where the gasket is gapping or damaged, then apply some silicone rubber.

How do you locate source of water on foor board on a 2001 mitshibishi eclipse?

If it has a sunroof, check the drain tubes for the sunroof. They plug up and the water gets in the car.

How do you clean the drain tubes on a leaky sunroof for a 98 Saturn SL2?


Why my 2007 GMC Acadia roof leaks?

does the rear sunroof glass have drain holes

Where are the sunroof drains located in a '97 Camry?

I believe they start at the rear corners of the sunroof and exit in/at the rear wheelwell areas.To check you can fill the sunroof chanels with water from a jug/hose and see/listen where they drain.

Where is the oil filter and the oil drain plug on a 2001 Lincoln Continental?

where is the oil filter and the oil drain plug on a 2001 Lincoln ls where is the oil filter and the oil drain plug on a 2001 Lincoln ls

Where is the sunroof drain for a Ford Explorer?

They are in the 4 corners of the tray...inside/under the roof. NAD

How could a person repair their car sunroof for cheap?

To repair a leaky sunroof, you need to clean the drainage tubes on your sunroof. You can do this by sticking a thin wire or coat hanger in the drain. Then pour some clean water through the drainage tube.

How does water enter footwell?

Usually if the sunroof drain or the heating,a/c evap case drain is clogged. Other reasons would be if the windshield was improperly replaced.