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hey i have a 1992 Cherokee the relay is on the right side of the steering wheel behind the lower panel there are three relays there its the middle one i think

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โˆ™ 2006-03-21 22:09:37
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Q: Where are the fuse and horn relay on a 1991 Jeep Cherokee Limited Edition?
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Where is horn relay on 1991 Jeep Cherokee Limited?

i have a 1992 Cherokee limited on it its under the lower pannel to the right of the streeing wheel

Where is the relay for power windows on a 1991 Jeep Cherokee?

Tell me if just one window or all of them quit working

Where is the fuse and horn relay located on a 1991 Jeep Cherokee Limited Edition?

Horns work using a ground.I would pull off the Hornpad & ground the wire that goes 2 it 2 C if that's your problem--- IF not then listen 4 a clicking noise 2 locate the horn relay IF ALL the fuses are good-& also use a jumper wire 2 the horn 2 c if the Horn is Really Bad.

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What year Jeep Cherokee computer fits a 1991 Jeep Cherokee?

A 1991 Jeep Cherokee computer is what fits a 1991 Jeep Cherokee.

Where is the Crankshaft Position sensor located on a 1991 Jeep Cherokee Limited?

Driver side of the bell housing.

Where is the instrument cluster relay located on a 1991 buick regal limited?

where is the 91 vandura G2500 Instrument Panel Cluster Relay located

Location of security module 1991 Jeep Cherokee Limited?

it located under the steering wheel under the dash by the gas pedal.

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Cherokee - 1991 is rated/received certificates of: USA:G

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Will parts from a 1991 Cherokee work for a 1999 Cherokee?

Most parts from a 1996 and earlier Cherokees will fit a 1991. The Cherokee changed style and designs in 1997, so few 1999 parts will fit a 1991.

What are the three relays used for under the dashboard toward the center console on the driver's side of a 1991 Jeep Cherokee?

It's the illuminated entry relay for the tailgate. Even though it's a 91 it's got the 92 relay setup.

Where is the fuel pump relay on a 1991 Honda Accord?

where is the fuel pump relay for a 1991 Honda accord located

Will a AW4 trans from a 1991 Jeep Cherokee fit a 1988 Jeep Cherokee?

An AW4 transmission from a 1991 Jeep Cherokee will not fit into a 1988 Jeep Cherokee. The transmissions in the varying years do not appear to be compatible with one another.

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Will a trans from a 1991 Jeep Cherokee fit a 1988 Jeep Cherokee?

The transmission oil line from a 1991 model of a Jeep Cherokee will fit a 1988 model of a Jeep Cherokee because the transmission oil line fits all Cherokee models that were made between 1987 and 1996.

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Your 1991 Mercury fuel pump relay switch is located on the firewall of the engine compartment. The relay switch will be near the center of the firewall.