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The gears are located in the manual transmission. This assembly of gears and pinions is most of the time located just behind the engine. This arrangement places two heavy objects (the engine and transmission) in one area concentrating weight in a single spot. This is not good for weight distribution, which would be best if more evenly distributed throughout the car. Therefore someone came up with a transaxle. Which puts the transmission at the rear axle. This is found on more exotic cars. Cars with front wheel drive have the transmission next to the engine, which is located in the front of the car.

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Q: Where are the gears on a manual car?
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What does it mean if a car is manual?

you have to shift gears

Do you have manual gears in a formula one car?

Of Course!

What does manual transmission mean?

Manual transmission is when you use the shift stick to shift to different gears in a car instead of driving without shifting gears,which is auto transmission.

Now that you have automatic cars what is the point of a manual car?

Manual gears are more versatile than an automatic gearbox

What is manual equipment?

Equipment that are handled or worked by human hands for saying shifting gears in a car. That what is called manual equipment.

What is a 4 speed?

A manual transmission with 4 forward gears in either a car or a motorcycle

What is a manual transmission in a car?

In a car with a manual transmission the driver not only has to choose between the different forward gears(4-6 of them) himself, he also has to operate the clutch, the gadget that momentarily separates the gearbox from the engine in order to change the gears.

What causes a knocking sound when shifting gears in a manual car?

Gearbox oil needs changing.

How do you shift in a car?

It matters if you have atuomatic or manual transmission. In an automatic car the gears shift on it's own. In an manual car you shift buy pushing the clutch and then shift from 1st gear to 2 gear.

What is the use of a crutch on manual car?

Hi, i guess you were meaning "clutch". The clutch pedal in a manual car is situated on the left-side of the break pedal. It is pressed down when shifting gears.

A manual car has gas pedal break pedal and?

The pedal on the left is the clutch. You press it when you are changing gears.

Where can you find the recommended gear change speeds for your car?

The vehicle manual usually says what speeds to do in which gears.

Why is it hard to shift gears in my manual car?

There are many reasons why a car is hard to shift when there is a manual transmission. The clutch is one of the main reasons why a car is not shifting properly. Another reason could be that the transmission is low on fluid.

What is the effect of driving a manual car versus an automatic transmission car?

Better gas mileage and it will pick up speed faster when shifting gears.

What gears are in the garage?

a car in in gears

What do gears do on a car?

The gears on a car provide the power to drive the wheels.

Why your car Revs when Changing gears in a manual?

Perhaps you are not easing off on the accelerator when using the clutch. you would get this from a worn clutch .

Who can drive a 6 gear car?

any one who knows how to drive 6 gears can drive a 6 gear car .Most people who can drive a manual car can drive a 6 geared car.

How many gears does a manual 1986 ford branco have?

100,000,000,000,000,000,000, Gears plus 5

Does a car have gears?

Yes, cars have many gears.

What are the main differences when driving a manual transmission car compared to driving a car with an automatic transmission?

A car with an automatic transmission automatically put the car into gear without any other inputs needed from the driver. A manual transmission car uses a stick shift to shift gears of the car, which involves more direction from the driver to operate the car properly.

Why do your cars on need for speed hot pursuit drive as if they were on manual transmission?

well its simple....its a computer game. but you have the choice between auto or manual, but that doesn't exactly mean your car is going to be auto or manual in gear changing. all it is simply asking is would you like to change gears manually yourself or have the computer game change it automatically. in the game you need to have the car change gears for the turbo etc.....

If a car was parked and another car pushed it a couple of yards could this cause same damage to the drivetrain?

Depend on whether it is automatic or manual and if you had the car in gear. If automatic, your parking pin in the transmission may have broken. If manual, yes something in the clutch or gears may be damaged. IMO, if your park is still working, then no damage has been done. Pushing the car 6ft would not damage either the gears or clutch on a manual, and the only damage that could be done to an A/T would be to break the Park Pall.

How many gears does Volvo have?

If you have an automatic gearbox, 4. Plus two extra overdrive gears, in 3rd. and 4th. gears. The total will make 6 different gears. European Volvo 960 with 2.0 liter turbo engines have manual transmissions with 4 gears plus manual overdrive. The later S90 was also available with 5 gear manual (reverse was synchro!)

Can you change gears in a manual car from 1ST gear to 3RD gear?

Yes, quite easily. It is highly unlikely to cause any damage