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Where are the high and low air conditioning recharge access point located for the 1999 ford Taurus?

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July 07, 2007 6:35PM

Fords require a SPECIAL ADAPTERS, One for the low side and one for the high side and they are very expensive. The adapter you are looking for has a BLUE knob on the adapter that attaches to the LOW PRESSURE fitting and a RED knob adapter that attaches to the HIGH SIDE fitting and they are NOT interchangeable. Once you buy the BLUE LOW SIDE ADAPTER it will only fit ONE of the 2 fittings on the vehicle. Then you can attach your hose to the adapter. It is much cheaper to have a garage install your can of freon for about $5.00 rather than spending about $50.00 for the adapters. This was borrowed from another website - hope it helps.