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They are screwed into the exaust system at various points. Some people say that there are 4 oxygen sensors, but technically, that is not correct. Only the front 2 are considered oxygen sensors. They are screwed into the exaust pipe, one on each bank, after the exaust manifold, but before the catalytic converter. Sometimes they are screwed directly into the exaust manfold itself. The other 2 are actually called catalyst moniters. They are oxygen sensors, but they serve a different purpose. They moniter the activities of the catalytic converters, thus the name, catalyst moniters. They are screwed into the exaust one on each bank,after, or downstream, of the catalytic converters. Any of those sensors, the wiring to them, or anything that confuses the sensors, like a vacuum leak, or engine misfire, can make the CEL come on.

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Q: Where are the o2 sensors located on a 1995 Windstar and which sensor leaves check engine light on?
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Does 400 dollars including installation sound like a fair quote to replace two oxygen sensors on a 2001 Windstar?

AnswerIt may be a little high. I know the sensors generally run about $75 dollars a piece. So that's $150. So that leaves $250. How long does the mechanic estimate the job to take? If he has to drop part of the exhaust system to get to the sensor that estimate may be fair. If he can just unscrew the old sensors and screw in the new ones that estimate seems a little steep.And... I would ask why you have to replace them?Rarely does replacing an 02 sensor result in the Check Engine light going off - it's much more common for the 02 sensor to be reporting a problem (lean condition is most popular) than a sensor failure.See "Related Questions" below for more

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