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You mave have no wires. VW went to integrated coils, one per cylinder on some engines.

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Q: Where are the spark plug wires in a 2003 vw beetle located?
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Where are the spark plugs located on a 2003 2.4 dodge stratus?

At the end of the plug wires that don't connect to the spark module.

Do you have a Picture of where spark plugs are located on a 2003 Expediton?

Depending if you have the 4.6L or 5.4L; 4.6L = Follow the Spark Plug wires. At the end of the wire you will find the spark plugs. 5.4L = Follow the Spark Plug wires. At the end of the wire you will find a Coil Pack, Under that Coil Pack you will find the Spark Plug.

Where are the spark plugs located on a 2003 jeep grand Cherokee?

The trick to finding the spark plugs is recognizing the coils that are mounted above each spark plug i.e. you do not have a traditional distributor cap and spark plug wires.

How would you install spark wires on a 2003 miata?

You should never need to replace the wires leading to the spark plugs. The 2003 Miata has a coil pack at each spark plug (inside the spark plug hole). The wires leading to the coils are low voltage and should never break down.

2003 Chevy cavalier spark plug diagram?

A wiring plug diagram for 2003 Chevy Cavalier spark plug wires is located in the service manual. The Manual can be bought from an auto parts, the dealer, or some libraries.

Will broken spark plug wires keep a 2003 Malibu from starting?

Broken spark plug wires will keep almost any car from starting.

Where are the spark plugs for a 2003 Mercedes Benz c320?

2003 c320. So a v-6 correct? They are located on both sides of the engine. Your engine will have spark plug cable wires going from the ignition coils to the spark plugs, you need to remove the cables off the plugs before you can remove the spark plugs.

How do you change the spark plug wires on a 2003 ford escapes?

take it to dealer

How do you remove starter from 2003 VW Beetle?

To remove a starter from a 2003 VW Beetle, first you need to disconnect the battery. Then remove the bracket holding the wires, remove bolts mounting the starter, and take it out.

What is 2003 Chrysler pt cruiser spark plug wires firing order?

What is the firing order of a 2003 or cruiser

2003 maxima high idle and small vibration when accelerating?

spark plugs and wires

Where are the spark plugs located on the 03 Ford Expedtion?

Does a 2003 ford expedition have spark plugs?

Where is the distributor on a 2003 dodge stratus?

There is no distributor on it. There is a coil pack, you can follow the spark plug wires to it.

Where do you find the spark plugs on your vauxhall zafira club 1.6 2003?

at the end of the plug wires

Why does my dodge neon 2003 only working on 3 cylinders instead of 4?

Could be plugs and wires (spark plugs) I had a mis-fire (only 3 cylinders running) and I replaced my spark plugs and wires, and it worked. I have a 2003 Dodge Neon SE. Cheers!

Where are 2003 Camry spark plugs located?

In the cylinder head.

Misfire problems on 2003 ram 1500 4.7 liter?

Replace the spark plugs and plug wires.

Where is 2003 Chevy Cavalier distributer?

no distributor or spark plug wires its a coil pack on the top of the engine.

Where are the spark plugs on a 2003 Chrysler Sebring 4 cylinder?

They are under the wires, in the middle of the valve cover.

Where are spark plugs located on 2003 Ford Expedition?

ford engine 5.4/8cyl located where are spark plugs to bi install

Remove spark plugs on a 2003 Lincoln Navigator?

The coils are bolted to the side of the engine, The spark plugs are under the coils, NO PLUG WIRES. unbolt the coils and use A spark plug socket.

Where the spark plugs are located on a 2003 ford explorer?

Screwed into the heads.

Where is the Coil pack located on 2003 Ford Focus?

On the 2.0 L - SPI engine and the 2.0 L Zetec engine follow the spark plug wires from the spark plugs to the Coil Pack The 2.3 L engine has a Coil On Plug ( C.O.P. ) ignition system

Where are the spark plugs on a 2003 Mitsubishi eclipse gs?

Is this a serious question? If so, then I will answer it seriously. Your spark plugs are located under your spark plug wires. Looking at the engine, you will see two square black boxes sitting atop your valve cover. Those are your ignition coils. See those wires coming from each ignition coil? Follow those wires and, upon grasping them at the base where they enter your valve cover and softly pulling in an upward motion, you will find your spark plugs nestled at the bottom of a long tube. Thanks for playing.

What wires in a 2003 crown Victoria will cause it to not start?

What makes you so sure it's wires? Any loose ground related to the cranking system can cause it, faulty spark plug wires will also do it.