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Toyota Highlander

Where are the spark plugs on a 2001 Toyota Highlander?

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2007-01-15 23:36:52

The 3.0L 1MZ-FE Engine, California, Highlander Limited V-6 Like

many Japanese cars, they are screwed into the top of each cylinder

head. The 3 spark plugs closest to the front of the car are

recessed deep through the valve cover, so you must first remove the

flimsy plastic engine cover (held in with Allen head nuts), and

remove the three (3) DIS (Distributor-less Ignition System) Spark

Plug Connectors from the Valve Cover. The DIS Spark Plug Connectors

are each held in place with a single 6mm bolt (so they don't come

loose). If you look down the "Tube", you will see the top of the

spark plug. The other three spark plugs are in the rear side valve

cover and have the same DIS Spark Plug Connectors and bolts.

Unfortunately, the Upper Intake Plenum and Throttle Body must be

removed if you need to get to these spark plugs. Also, to remove

the Upper Intake Plenum and Throttle Body, the Strut Tower Brace

has to to be removed to give you enough room to work.

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