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Sperm comes from your nuts and eggs come from somewhere in the vagina.

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Egg is produced in the ovaries in females and sperm in testes in males.

sperm are produced constantly while only one egg is produced every month

Neither. The union of a sperm and egg is called fertilization. Both sperm and egg cells are sex cells that are produced through meiosis.

The cells that are produced by meiosis are referred to as gametes. These gametes can either be sperm cells or egg cells.

Yes. All of your body's cells are produced by mitosis (skin, nerve cells, cells of your organs, etc.). The only exception is that your gametes (egg or sperm) cells are produced by meiosis. Every cell in your body except for your egg or sperm (whatever you have) have been produced by mitosis.

males produced four sperm cells and the female (or egg cell ) has four but one is the egg and the other three cells (or polar bodies) shrinks and dies.

Meiosis is the cell division of gametes, or sex cells, and since sperm and egg are gametes, sperm and egg must be produced by meiosis.

The sperm and egg are produced by the testis and ovary. In higher plants these are pollen grains and egg cells produced in the stamen and ovule.

No. Egg cells and sperm cells have reduced number of chromosomes (23 chromosomes instead of 46).

because the sperm cells fail to find the egg cells or the sperm isn't good to unite with the egg

Two types of sex cells are> Sperm (in males)> Egg or ovum (in females)Sperm is produces in the testes.Ovum or egg is produced in the ovaries.Source(s):

Sperm cells and egg cells are called sex cells or gametes.

Egg cells are larger than sperm because sperm enters egg cells not vice versa.

Spermatogenesis, fertilization or meiosis. It depends on what they are telling you or showing you

Egg and sperm cells are collectively called gametes.

Sperm cells and egg cells named together are called gametes.

Fertilization............... is the union of sperm cells and egg cells

When the sperm penetrate the egg cell fertilization occurs.

Sperm and egg cells are the result of meiosis.

Sperm and egg cells are called sex cells, or more appropriately, "gametes".

where each process occurs: sperm: in the male gonads(means sex organ)called the testes egg; in the female gonads called the ovaris the relative #s of gametes(sex cells) produced by each process: sperm:4 sex cells are produced in equal size egg:4 sex cells are produce but they are unequal in size

Sperm and egg are known as Sex Cells.

Sex cells (gametes) are formed in the gonads. In males, sperm cells are produced in the testes. In females, egg cells come from the ovaries. All the egg cells a female will ever release are produced before birth, but they mature annually.

Egg and sperm cells are both cells called 'gametes'. When they join together they are called a zygote.

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