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because the sperm cells fail to find the egg cells or the sperm isn't good to unite with the egg

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When sperm coming from the testis of a male person happens to enter the tube where the egg is , one sperm may unite with the egg.

When a sperm and an egg unite, it results in the formation of a ZYGOTE.

Generally, one sperm cell and one egg cell unite for each offpring that is created (some cases, such as monozygotic/idential twins, are different). This means that if a human has one baby, it was one sperm and one egg. Or if a dog has 5 puppies, it was 5 egg cells and 5 sperm cells that united.

Fertilization occurs when a sperm and egg unite.

The egg/ Ovum does not have any "Sperm" the Sperm is donated by the male in the millions with each ejaculation. Only one is needed to fertilize the egg.Only one sperm unites with the ovum the moment it does it is closed to other sperm.Only one sperm unites with an egg. Both the sperm and egg have only one set of chromosomes, so that when they unite, the first cell of the new organism will have two sets of chromosomes, which is the complete number of chromosomes for the body cells of that species. For example, a human sperm and egg cell each have one set of 23 chromosomes. When they unite, the new cell that is formed has 2 sets of chromosomes, for a total of 46, which is the correct number of chromosomes in the body cells of humans.Many sperm cells unite with the egg but usually only one penetrates and fuses with the egg nucleus.

they jion the they come and the unite.

When a sperm and an egg unite, it results in the formation of a Zygote. n the embryonic development of humans and other animals, the zygote stage is brief and is followed by cleavage, when the single cell becomes subdivided into smaller cells.

somwhere in the midle.... ;)

When a sperm cell and an egg cell unite, they form a zygote, which is a cell that will grow into a new organism.

Sperm cells and egg cells are called sex cells or gametes.

Egg cells are larger than sperm because sperm enters egg cells not vice versa.

Fertilization... Is when the Sperm cell unites with the Egg cell...

The whip like tail of the sperm goes on the sides of the vagina and goes to the egg

Two sperm, one egg - no. Two sperm, two eggs - yes.

Egg and sperm cells are collectively called gametes.

The result is a fertilized egg called a zygote :]

millions of sperms cell unite with egg cell.......okie??millions of sperm cell

Sperm cells and egg cells named together are called gametes.

If all else went normally, the sperm and egg would unite and form a new cell that had four of each chromosome set. That would not be a volatile embryo.

Fertilization............... is the union of sperm cells and egg cells

When the sperm penetrate the egg cell fertilization occurs.

Sperm and egg cells are the result of meiosis.

It is important for gametes to have half the total chromosomes of body cells, because the gametes are the sperm and egg cells that unite during fertilization. When the sperm and egg unite, their chromosomes are combined to restore the total number of chromosomes in the first cell of the offspring, called the zygote.

Sperm and egg cells are called sex cells, or more appropriately, "gametes".

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