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you can find them in the trunk on the left and right sides. take off the fabric coverings of the trunk an you will be able to see clear plastic hoses/tubes around the can pull them out of the bottom fittings and blow air into them to clean from worked for me

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Q: Where are the sunroof drain tubes located on a 1999 Prelude?
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How do you clear drain pipes in the sunroof of a 2001 volkswagen beetle?

How do you clear drain and tubes in the sunroof on a 2001 new volkwagen beetle?

How do you repair sunroof drain tube?

Open the sunroof and find the four drain holes. Clear any debris. Blow air inside the drain tubes to find out if there is any blockage. Slide the replacement tubing inside the drain hose.

How do you clean the drain tubes on a leaky sunroof for a 98 Saturn SL2?


How do you locate source of water on foor board on a 2001 mitshibishi eclipse?

If it has a sunroof, check the drain tubes for the sunroof. They plug up and the water gets in the car.

Why does rain get in your corner panels thropugh the sunroof drain holes So how do you solve this problem?

Make sure drain tubes are clear so water can run out

How do you clean sunroof drain tubes on a Toyota corolla?

just get an air blower and stick it in the hole and blow all the crap out.

How could a person repair their car sunroof for cheap?

To repair a leaky sunroof, you need to clean the drainage tubes on your sunroof. You can do this by sticking a thin wire or coat hanger in the drain. Then pour some clean water through the drainage tube.

How do you replace or repair sunroof drain tubes on 89 Accord Drivers side?

stick some thin wire down the holes

How do you fix a clogged drain on the sunroof of a 2001 Toyota Camry?

Blow shop air thru the 4 tubes that are in the corners of the sun roof.

How do you fix a leaking sunroof in a 2001 brava?

All factory installed sunroofs that retract flush into the roof have a channel around their perimeter and there are drain tubes attached to the corners. The drain tubes run down the roof pillars and drain near the wheel wells. Typically sunroofs leak because these drain tubes have become clogged with debris, usually small leaves and stuff from parking under trees and leaving your sunroof open. If the sunroof can open wide enough to see the drain holes you might be able to press a hose into it that can shoot air pressure or water pressure through it to drive out the debris. If the car's in nice shape and your not mechanically inclined, you should take it to a local body shop and ask them to fix it. They can remove the sunroof for better access and do a better job.If it's a cheapo after-market sunroof someone put in, it won't have the recess channels and drain tubes. They usually just have the glass pull down against a top gasket and you'll have to look for a spot where the gasket is gapping or damaged, then apply some silicone rubber.

My 2005 Saturn vue leaks when it rains where is it leaking?

I you happen to have a sunroof--check the two drain plugs which you can access when the sunroof is open. thry may be clogged. there are plastic tubes that run downward, which a wire can be inserted into to clean them out. hope this helps out.

Sunroof drain 2005 neon?

Take head liner off there are 4 rubber tubes, that go down each pilar. Two front and two back.

Where do you find the sunroof drain tubes on a 1990 prelude for cleaning?

I am not sure about a 1990 model, but on my 1988si (with a sunroof), the exit points of these tubes are located below the rear window pillars, accessible through the trunk (? - can't recall for sure), OR the rear wheel wells. I had a major problem with water building up in the space between the headliner and the roof, causing water to cascade into the interior after it rained. For months I used a car cover whenever it rained, then found out from another Honda owner that the tubes just needed to be cleaned. Once you locate these tubes, remove the small plugs (each with "X" shaped slits to allow drainage), and run a wire (coathanger) up through them to remove dirt. I left the plugs off for better drainage. After that, I have never again had any roof drainage problems.

What causes a damp sun visor and rear passenger floor is it sunroof drain tubes if so what is the fix?

Most likely the drains are clogged. What you need to do is open the sunroof and use a blow gun in side the front and rear tube to dislodge whatever is clogging the tube. After a few good blasts you can try pouring water through the tubes to check to see if that worked.

How much to repair a leaking sunroof on your 2000 Monte Carlo?

it all depends on where it is leaking from. If its out of th thing that tells u the temp and stuff then i just clued the crack in there shut and it drips now not a leak like befor. the tubes (drain tubes) where not stuck or clogged

Why does the trunk of a 1999 Saturn sc fill with water after rain?

I am guessing that you have a sunroof...if so the drain tubes pass through the trunk compartment and actually couple together on both sides of the trunk. If you pull the trim back from the rear corners of the trunk, right next to the taillights, you should see the tubes. Good luck!!! If you are getting water in there and there isn't a sunroof, it might be a good idea to get it into a dealer!!

Where do the paranasal sinuses drain?

Eustation tubes which drain into the back of the esophagus.

Where is the bronchial tubes located in your body?

the bronichial tubes is located in the lungs.....

Does this car have a sun roof if so could it be a drain tube with a hole inside the body?

Sunroof has four drain tubes to control water seeping in thru the seal. Slide the glass back and you will see two holes in the front corners. Rubber tubes run down the front roof pillars and out near the separation between the doors and the fenders and down the rear pillars and out just in front of the rear wheel wells.

1997 Saturn SC2 Trunk Leak?

The drain tubes for the sunroof, if your car's equipped with a sunroof, can work loose from the drainage tray in the sunroof frame. If the tube comes off, the water will either drip onto the headliner, or it can actually cling to the hose and run down the outside of it and into the trunk, as was the case with mine. The rear drainage lines run into the trunk area and exit through the body side (quarter panel). The tube can also come out of the hole in the body and pour the water into the trunk. If your trunk seal is in good condition, start with looking at the exits of the drain tubes. if they are installed correctly, then drop the headliner and make sure they are still attached to the sunroof. Also, it is a good idea to blow the lines out with air and clean out the tube mounts (where the water leaves the tray) with wire while you are in there. You can also pour some water into the tray and also through the tubes to make sure they are draining properly. If they are, reinstall them to the sunroof, and add either a tie strap or pipe clamp the the end to make sure it never comes off again.

Where are sunroof drain tubes on 97 jeep Cherokee?

Rear passenger side! It comes out behind the rear light assembly, look for a half-inch rubber tubing inside the protecting two-inch piece of a plastic pipe that sticks from the underneath.

How do you repair the sunroof on a 93 Cadillac?

If the sunroof is leaking, I can help. There are 4 drain tubes that get clogged with leaves and dirt. On a 92 and later Eldorado the front drain tubes connect to the wheel well between the wheel well and the fire wall and are fairly easy to get to. The rear two go through the trunck. Remove the carpeted panels on each side of the trunk interior and reach in to about the top of the rear wheel well and find the connection. These are rubber tubes that fit over hard plastic connections. The hard plastic connections are what actually connect through the wheel wells. Work the tubes loose, water and debris will likely come flowing out, so have an old towel handy. Use a stiff wire to clean out the debris stuck in the connecter. Water should now flow freely through the drain tubes proventing water from backing up inth the car interior. The connectors on other Cadillacs shou;d be in similar locations as the Eldorado.

Where are the drainage tubes located for sunroof?

The drainage tubes for the sunroof go down the pillars of the roof. There are 4 of them 2 in the rear, 2 in the front. most run all the way down to the wheel wells of the car. if they are clogged, get to the top of the hose usually right over the 4 corners of the headliner) and disconnect the hoses. blow high pressure air though the hose. junk should blow out the other end, reattach and water test.

How do you get to the drain tubes on a Honda del sol?

the water drain lines on rearwindow compartment are blocked on my 1994 honda civic del sol can i run a wire up the tubes to get the water out and where are they under the car.

Where are the sunroof drains on a 1991 toyota four runner?

There are 4 rubber tubes that run down the door pillars. One on each side of the front windshield and one on each side running down the rear door pillars. All four drain underneath the vehicle.