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the lived in buffalo skin tee pees

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Q: Where are the tee pees that the Comanches live in?
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Related questions

What kind of homes did the Comanches live in?

tee pees!

What did the Comanches live in?

like all plains Indians They lived in Tee-Pees

What did the Comanches' live in?

like all plains Indians They lived in Tee-Pees

What are Comanches tee pees made from?

Buffalo hides

What types of homes did the Comanche Indians build?

The COMANCHES lived in tee-pees

Were Comanches nomads?

The Comanche's were skilled horsemen and fierce warriors. They were a nomadic people. They lived on the Southern plains in tee-pees and were hunter-gatherers.

How did the Inuits live?

they lived in tee pees

What shelter did the commanche live in?

they lived in tee-pees

What kinds of houses did the Cherokee Indians live in?


What did the crows live in?

They lived in tent like houses called tee-pees

What kind of homes did the Achumawi live in?

The Achumawi Indians lived in Tee-Pees

What kinds of houses did the great plains live in?

they live in tee pees from critical research and long houses

Why did the Sioux live in tee pees?

so they could move easier to follow the buffulo

What do people in Austria live in?

Most Australians live in huts or tee pees they make themselves. Most don't have shelter and are homeless.

What Comanche lived in?


What's in Comanche?


What type of homes did the concho indians live in?

well they lived in tipis homes also known as tee pees

What type of shelter did the camanche tribe live in?

they lived in tee pees inh texas there house was bordered

What type of house did the Comanche Indians live in?

The Comanche lived in tee pees and conquered the most land in Texas

Did the Mohawks live in a longhouse or a tepee?

The Mohawks lived in longhouses as they did not move around. Actually you are X in tee pees !!

What are cone shaped shelters called?

tee pees

What is the hut of a red Indian called?

tee-pees or wigwams

What did Iroquois Indians use the tee pees for?

They used it when hunting.

What did the Comanche use for shelter?

The Chomanche tribe used tee pees

Where do the Comanches people live?

I live in Asheville NC. There is a great concentration of Comanches in Oklahoma and Texas.