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Where are your buddies in farcry 2?


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September 18, 2010 11:26PM

There are 9 'playable' characters, all male, including the character that you choose at the start. Add to those the 3 'non-playable' female characters and you get 12 characters overall. The characters, in surname alphabetical order are:

(Male, playable)

Marty Alencar

Xianyong Bai

Frank Bilders

Warren Clyde

Hakim Echebbi

Paul Ferenc

Andre Hyppolite

Josip Idromeno

Quarbani Singh

(Female, non-playable)

Michele Dachss

Nasreen Davar

Flora Guillen

During the tutorial of 'Act One' you are asked to rescue a foreign national. This person becomes your first 'Best Buddy', and two other characters from the remainders are added to your buddies list -- one becomes your 'Second Best Buddy'. When you are asked to talk to somebody in Mike's Bar about medicine for your malaria, speak to your best buddy first, and then your second buddy, who will become 'Rescue Ready'. The third buddy will appear in Mike's Bar when the tutorial has finished.

Six buddies can be found in Act One. The first three are automatically added during the tutorial (see above). Two can be rescued, either on your own initiative or from information given by faction 'Doormen', from the two 'Starter Locations' not used during the tutorial. The 4 possible starter locations are: Slaughter House, Fresh Fish, Cock Fights and Lumber. The sixth and final buddy of Act One can be rescued from a crashed plane, in a valley to the North of Shwasana, directly south of a 'Fuel' checkpoint by the northernmost railway. There is also a safe house located east of the crash site. Standing in the area around the safe house and looking west, you should be able to see smoke that will lead you to the crash.

IMPORTANT: Buddies that are not on 'Rescue' duty will hang out in Mike's Bar (Act One) or the Marina (Act Two), BUT... there can only ever be 4 buddies in Mike's/Marina at any one time. This means that, to complete all of your buddies' side missions, at least one buddy must die (be killed or abandoned).

In Act Two you must start over with new buddies. There are 5 in this act. Your first 'Best Buddy' in Act Two will be the character who owns the barge that you rescue -- at this point, two others are added, as in Act One. The remaining two buddies in Act Two can be rescued from Sediko and Bowaseko Brewery via 'Doormen' info., or of your own accord.

Thoughout the game, if you have been saved by your rescue buddy, you need to move out ot the area to certain Safe Houses to 'meet up' with them again -- keep checking the safe houses until you find him/her. Actually you don't have to find them in a particular safe house. Rather, you only need to rest in one (it doesn't matter which) and the buddy will appear next to the cot (and will be 'rescue ready') when you wake up.