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At one stage there was talk of sending the Jews to Madagascar, but it was never a realistic plan.

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Q: Where at first did Hitler want to send the Jews?
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To what island in Africa did Hitler want to send all of the Jews?

To Madagascar.

Why did Hitler want Jews in Germany?

It looks like there's a word missing in the question. Hitler certainly did not want Jews in Germany.

Did Jews hate Hitler?

Hitler killed many Jews, so yes, Jews hated Hitler. But not necessarily. If you want to know, you should ask them. In many households, Hitler is not talked about or thought about.

What didn't Hitler want?

Jews in Germany

Why did Hitler want the Jews?

He didn't, that was the point.

Why did the Jews want Hitler dead?

Because he was responsible for the mass-murder of Jews.

Why did Hitler not want Jews in the 'lebensraum'?

Lebensraum is just German for "living space." And if you look back in history, Hitler did not want Jews anywhere. But not just Jews... blacks, catholics, etc.

Why did Hitler want the Jews and subhumans exterminated?

because he did not want to feed them.

Who did hitler want to get rid of besides the jews?

I want the answer I don't know the answer

Who did the Jews want to be freed from?

HITLER! :( ======== or Rameses II

When did Hitler want to kill the jews?

from about 1942 onwards.

Who did Hitler want to kill?

He wanted to kill Jews.

Why did Adolf Hitler want the Jews dead?

He Wanted Them Dead Because He Hated The Jews.

Why did the Nazi's want young Jews to be hated?

Hitler was crazy, he hated all Jews.

What did Hitler want to do?

Hitler thought that the Jews were unclean, and he wanted to be in charge of the world, and if he was in charge of the world, he didn't want any Jews. So he tried to get rid of them all. Get the drift?

Why did Hitler want to be a Jew?

he didn't want to be a Jew he wanted to kill Jews!

Why did Hitler want Jews to die?

because he was a noughty man

Why did the Germans capture the Jews and send them to camops?

because they did not want Jews in their society.

Why did Hitler Gass the Jews?

I think it was a faster way for him to kill Jews he didn't want or need.

Why did Hitler want to wipe out the Jews?

Hitler was an Anti-Semite. He considered Jews to be an inferior race and blamed them for Germany's loss during World War I.

Why did hitler and the nazis want to get rid of the jews?

Adolf Hitler believed that the Jews were undermining the economy in Germany. He also viewed them as imperfect and a subhuman species.

How did Hitler and his Nazi party want all Jews eliminated?

Hitler really didnt care about how they eliminated the Jews, it just gotta be Fast, Cheaply and Affective.

Why did Hitler want to destroy Jews and hate Jews?

Adolf hitler hated jews because they were seen as inferior to him,because hitler was himself an austrian,also jewish too.hitler hated being jewish.he regarded himself to be a true german.

Does the Iranian president want to kill the Jews like Hitler did?


Why did Hitler want to remove the Jews from Germany?

he did not see a role for them in society.