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You can buy a good digital television at a mass retailer like Walmart or Target. You can get a television at an electronic store like Best Buy. Even Costco sells good digital televisions.

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Q: Where can I buy a good digital television?
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Does your TV have to be HD for digital TV?

All TVS that you can buy are ready for the digital signal. You do not have to buy an HD TV to get a digital signal.

How do you change to digital TV?

Buy a new digital ready tv, get a digital receiver Sky or Freeview for your analogue tv

What is a sentence with the word digital in it?

"i love my new digital clock" said petunia

How can you get TV service without cable?

It depends.... 1. Buy an digital tv (Sdtv or Hdtv) plus an antenna. 2. Analog tv (if you have an older tv), buy a digital to analog converter box plus an antenna. 3. Analog tv and antenna connected to digital DVD or digital VCR.

Is anyone making tv band radios that will work with digital broadcast tv?

No, but you can buy small portable digital TVs now.

Is the lg tv with dvd fully digital?

the lg tv with dvd if fully digital. Unlike many television sets. You do not have to worry about having a having to buy a digital box to watch television.

Which tv has a built in digital tuner?

Any television you buy new will come with a digital tuner.It's now required by the FCC.If you buy a second hand tv it probably won't have one,but if you have cable you're okay.

Where can I buy a digital hearing aid?

You could buy a digital hearing aid from the main companies that advertise on television. You could also go to Wal Mart and see what they have to offer.

Where can you buy a remote for kcpi dt504 digital tv converter box?

you have to call 9098612929 or buy it off ebay

Can you buy a digital TV recorder online?

Yes you can buy a digital TV recorder on many websites online. Amazon would be a great place to start, or Newegg. You should compare prices before making a purchase.

Where can I find good digital tv deals?

There are many good digital television deals. A good place to start is the internet that can be used to research the various companies available for programming that include: Rogers Television and Bell television services.

Can casio tv 980-d be converted to digital?

Old analog type TVs cannot just be "converted" to digital. You will need a converter box or buy a HD tv.

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