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You can more than likely purchase them at the indoor tanning salon of your choice.

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Q: Where can I buy tanning goggles?
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Where can you buy tanning bed goggles?

a tanning place

Do I need to wear protective goggles in a tanning bed that doesn't have a separate face tanning system?

Yes! You should always wear goggles to protect your eyes. The lights in a tanning bed can damage them very easily regardless of whether or not there is a face tanning system.

How much are tanning goggles?

between 3 and 4 US dollars

What can you use to protect your eyes when using a tanning bed?

You can use protective goggles or eye shields when using a tanning bed.

Can you wear contacts in tanning booths?

I wear my contacts when I go tanning. Since you have the eye protector goggles, it should be no problem.

Where can you buy goggles?

You buy goggles from most sport shops or you local swimming center .

Where can you buy drunk goggles?

You can buy drunk goggles at the following places.. - - - - - hope this helps.

What is a tanning salon?

a tanning salon is where they have tanning beds and stuff you can buy like bronzer an tanning lotion.

Where can you buy tanning lotion?

You can buy tanning lotion at your local tanning salon or walmart has a good brand that ranks for about 9 dollars.

What is the purpose of tanning accessories?

An example of a tanning accessory would be goggles, hair covers, suntan lotion, finger nail covers, etc. While tanning accessories are not necessary, they are recommended to protect your skin, hair, eyes, and nails.

How can you control tanning?

Tanning oil You can buy this at your local chemist or super market

Where to purchase tanning lamps?

There a few websites online where you can buy tanning lamps. The websites for Target and Amazon have tanning lamps you can buy. But if you don't like that try looking into local tanning salons having these lamps.

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