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Search "computer repair" or "PC repair" using Google Maps. Or look in the Yellow Pages if you get a phone book.

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Where can one find a local computer repair shop?

A person can find a local computer repair shop by getting out a local phone book and simply looking under the computer repair section in the yellow pages of said phone book.

Where can one find a computer repair center in Houston?

One would benefit from looking in a local phone book or looking around a local shopping center for a decent computer repair shop in Houston that one may go to.

Where in Amsterdam NL can you find a good computer repair shop for Macs?

There are numerous Mac retailers in Amsterdam (See links below) who, if not doing repairs themselves, could probably suggest a local reliable repair shop.

What are some companies which offer reliable computer desktop repair?

There are many Computer repair stores. One is Portablecs, ClarksPcs. A nearby local shopping mall may also have a computer repair shop. So it is recommended that people check their local stores, or locations for repair companies.

What might one find when shopping at Gunn Auto?

One might find when they shop at a local Gunn Auto that the shop has experienced technicians in tire repair. Gunn Auto is known as a local auto repair shop that prides themselves in being tire experts.

You forgot the password to get to your desktop on your Dell computer?

* easyest thing to do is to take it to a computer repair shop and they can find the password out for you

What computer repair shops are recommended?

The fairness and quality of work done by computer repair shops differs from location to location. However, most of the time a local repair shop will give you the fairest rates and highest quality of work. If there are no local computer repair shops near you, you may want to go to a MicroCenter or BestBuy instead.

Is there a local computer repair shop?

Yes I have found to local repair shops in your area: Computer Troubleshooters: (570) 898-4824 1200 Matthew St, Watsontown PA and Aegis Computer Specialists : (888) 999-1703 145 Main St, Watsontown, PA

Where can one find a stereo repair shop in Bristol?

Using a local Bristol business directory should uncover many stereo repair shops. Also, with almost 400 listings in the Bristol Yellow pages, it should be easy to find a stereo repair shop.

Where can I repair my car's rim?

There are a plethora of places that will repair your cars rim. Shop around for the best deals. You might find that your local car shop will offer you a lower price then a huge franchise.

Why are computer repair shops hard to find?

Computer repair shops are the hardest repair shops to find. As technology moves rapidly, those who work or own the shop have trouble keeping up with all the different kinds of issues and electronics classified as computers.

My kindle won't charge. Where can l get my kindle fixed?

One possibility is a local computer repair shop. The kindle is essentially a special purpose tablet computer.

Where in Timmins Ontario can someone find a hot water heater repair shop?

A hot water repair shop in Timmins, Ontario can be found by searching a local directory. One of the local hot water repair shops in Ontario is JS Plumbing who can guarantee to repair your hot water heater in a short amount of time.

Where do you take your xbox 360 to be repaired?

you can take it to your local computer repair shop or call 1-800-4my-xbox and Microsoft will fix it for you

Where can I find replacement parts for a John Deere 855?

You can find maintenance repair at any local home and garden repair shop in your area. You can also try going to a local home depot or lowes in your area and see if they perform services.

Where can you find a go kart repair shop?

Looking for a repair shop in willow grove PA

Where could I take my automobile to repair my window and check my oil?

You should go to an auto repair shop to fix the broken window. If your car is under warranty, take it to a certified dealer. You can find a local auto repair shop close to you on Whitepages.

Where can I find home appliance repair online?

Finding a home appliance repair shop online can be a tedious process. It would be highly recommended to ask friends and neighbours to recommend a local shop with a good reputation.

Where is a local place to repair a cracked windshield?

To check if there is a local repair shop that will take your car insurance you will have to talk to your insurance provider and get a list of local repair shops that service their company.

where do I find a cell phone repair shop?

Yes, I can help you, you can go to your local service center for the brand of cell phone you have. They usually have a repair center there for all of your needs.

Where can I find a PC repair shop in Rexburg, Idaho?

The Computer Medical Center is a pc repair shop with locations throughout Idaho, including a location in Rexburg. For directions, shop hours etc, their customer service number is: 208-656-0555.

Where can one find get a damaged car repaired in USA?

One can get a damaged car repaired at any car repair shop in the USA. One can check local area phone books and with local insurance companies to find vehicle repair shops nearby. One should make sure to shop around for quotes, as prices for car repair can vary greatly.

location of repair shop for wheelchair van?

There are places that can repair wheelchair vans. You can go online and find a local van wheelchair repair shop for your location. I also have a website listed here that could possibly help you in your search. It is

Theres something wrong with my chromebook?

To find out if there's something with the chrome book, take to a professional computer repair shop.

Where is a local inexpensive auto repair shop with good reviews?

The best way to find a good local auto repair shop is to search the Better Business Bureau or call your local Chamber of Commerce. If you go to Google and do a search for auto repair most of the time it will give you local results and also if you are lucky local ratings of the place. Another simple solution is to ask neighbors, co-workers, etc who they use.