Best Answer is a good website to find vegan recipes. They even have videos to watch to learn how to use those recipes. If you run out of ideas, never fails.

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Q: Where can I find vegan tofu recipes?
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Are there any quick vegan recipes that mainly use tofu?

There are several quick vegan recipes that mainly use tofu. One of the recipes you can make is tofu patties, easy tofu ravioli, spicy tofu spinach quiche, and lemon pepper baked tofu. There are many vegan recipe sites to choose from or you can purchase books on vegan cooking.

What is a main staple that is used in vegan recipes?

One of the main staples in vegan recipes is tofu and other vegetables. Since vegans do not get their protein from animals, etc, they must get it from tofu and other meat alternatives.

How can I find good vegan recipes?

Vegan recipes can be found online at the Eating Well and the 101 Cookbooks website. Many vegan recipes such as mushrooms and tofu, and vegan chili can be found.

What are some easy vegan recipes you could cook for your family?

Some of the easy vegan recipes include the vegan Baby Bella and Spinach, vegan beef soup, and the easy spicy tofu. the best one is the vegan beef is good for a cold weather.

What is the main ingredient for vegan recipes?

This is a wide range question seeing as there is no "main ingredient" for a wide spread of recipes. However, one ingredient that is used in a lot of vegan meals is tofu.

What are some ideas for quick vegan recipes?

Some ideas for quick vegan recipes include soups, pastas, salads....both vegetable and fruit. Breads, sandwiches, snacks, desserts and items made with tofu.

What are some vegan recipes that I can make?

Some vegan recipes that you can make include Almond Joy Butter, Roasted Asparagus, Best Grape Salad, Black Bean and Corn Salad. You can also add to your vegan recipes the following: Brown Rice and Tofu, Green Veggie Smoothie and Lentil and Olive Spaghetti.

Is there a way to make cheesecake without cream cheese?

Yes. Some recipes call for ricotta cheese. Vegan cheesecakes will use either tofu or vegan cream cheese.

Is tofu vegan?

Tofu in itself is vegan. Depending on preparation methods, such as the use of butter or certain batters for frying, it may or may not be vegan once prepared. Generally, though, tofu is prepared vegan in restaurants.

What are some unique vegan recopies?

Some vegan recipes include roasted winter squash salad, which is basically a vegan version of potato salad without potatoes, and ginger soba noodles which can be topped with tofu and tarragon.

Is tofu raw vegan friendly?

Yes, Tofu raw is vegan friendly. Tofu is made up of soybeans which most vegans will have no problem eating.

What are some websites that have free tofu recipes?

You can find some new ideas for tofu recipes at the websites AllRecipes, Eating Well, The Vedge, and Savvy Vegetarian. you can also find a BBQ tofu recipe at the website Oh She Glows.

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