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Where can a 12-year-old find a job other than cutting grass?

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If you are looking for more responsibility then taking care of a lawn, then how about taking care of kids (babysitting).

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Where can a twelve-year-old find a job other than cutting grass?

they can deliver brochures to other houses but they have to be accompanied by a parent

What adaptations would you expect to find in an animal which eats grass?

Strong stomach to digest the grass Good teeth to rip the grass out the ground rough tongue to stop the grass cutting their tongue there is probably some more but this is all i have got x :)

Where can a 13-year-old find a job quick?

You can find a job real quick in your neighborhood, just start cutting grass or rake leaves things that other people wouldn't want to do Ask your Mom

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You can get Roselias' and other grass Pokemon

Where can a 12 year old find a job other than cutting grass?

If you have any friends in a job somewhere, they might be able to get you one. If you look older, like 14 or 15 then you could lie about your age on the application.

Can find a grass?

You finD grass on routes

Where can a 13-year-old in Florida find a job?

baby sitting cutting grass washing car running errands for eldey or neighbors

Where can you find jobs that pay under the table in seattle?

You will have to look for jobs from your family and friends. Such jobs may include cutting grass or doing odd jobs around their house.

Where would you find a woodland habitat?

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The is laws against child working in Texas, but you can possibly start you own business like cutting grass for your neigbors or something.

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In most weeds and common grass

What kinds of jobs can a preteen find?

First of all is cutting the grass for neighbors or for your parent's, next babysitting for your parent's or even dog walking also tutoring smaller and bigger kids/student's!

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umm an adverise search on google or other website's to find the answer

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Where do you find a grasshopper?


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If you google cutting fennel you can find both images and video.

In HorseIsle where do you find Thoroughbreds?

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What jobs are available in Jeffersonville Indiana for a 14 year old?

A 14 year old in Jeffersonville, Indiana can find a job in the fast food field. Cutting grass and babysitting make great jobs for teenagers.

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Grass snakes are native to mainland Europe and the UK.

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