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Where can a 15-year-old girl find a job with a permit?


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Many fast food restaurants are willing to hire 15 year olds, especially places like Dairy Queen. If you're not sure if you're old enough to work somewhere, just ask the manager how old workers have to be. By showing the manager that you're brave enough to ask the question, it may show them that you're genuinely interested and improve your chances of being hired.


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You have to be 16 to get a work permit. Child labor laws prevents people from hiring underage workers.

You can work at iggys with a worker permit.

a 14 years old can find A JOB IN THE LIBRARY

In fact you do need a work permit to get a job at sixteen in G.A. However you can get a work permit thru your school counselor.

Depending on weather you have a work permit you might. Not in the kitchen, but cleaning up shure.

parent concent permit for job

Papa Johns and Wal-Mart; most places will accept with a permit from the school.

You have to be 14 yrs. old, but it's going to be difficult to find a job at that age.

No. In almost all cases you must be at least 14 to get a 'real' job. You also have to have a work permit from the school.

If you live in China....well...anywhere.If you live in the US, then it has to be at a place your parents own.You can't work until you're 15 and then you'll need a work permit.

You cant you need to be 14 to get a permit and still its hard to find a job at 14 (and 15 i know) but your 10 you should be playing with dinosaurs and race cars

If a job requires a work permit, then you cannot work there.

Very rare to find a job for teens under 16 years old, unless it's family, of friends parents. You can find a job if your 15, but you would need a workers permit!

Probably not because I don't think you can get a work permit in California at the age of 10.

14 with a permit from a parent/guardian, 16 without a permit

AnswerSome states offer a "workers permit" to persons under legal working age. call your local social services dept. They will help you.Or....prostitution?

there are many places that a 14 year old girl can find a job. one is babysitting, two is starting a lemonade or saleing things, or at your nearest Kroger as a bagger.

That is very difficult. In the US you need to be 14 to obtain a work permit. There are a few exceptions that would allow 12 to work. So you basically have to get a job working for your family or find a job in the entertainment/modeling industry.

no.u have to have a workers permit

board of education, in Ga.

u can find a job by being a dog or puppy sitter. you also can work in yards or help your parents

There are several places that a 17 year old girl can find a job after school. There are fast food restaurants, grocery stores, and even babysitting.

I suggest publix baggers. Beacause if you get really good you get major high raises and if you hit store manager you get 101,000K a year. Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!

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