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you can work at fast food, mowing lawns, wal-mart, Basketball manager, helping with horses, after school.etc.......

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The best middler school in the Bronx?

either you are asking for the best middle school in the Bronx or if there is a bette middler school in the Bronx - which one is it?

When was The Bronx High School of Science created?

The Bronx High School of Science was created in 1938.

When was Bronx Preparatory Charter School created?

Bronx Preparatory Charter School was created in 2000.

Is there school in thanksgiving in the Bronx?


When was Bronx High School for the Visual Arts created?

Bronx High School for the Visual Arts was created in 2002.

What school should you go to Bronx Science or Chapin?


Where did prince go to school in middol school?

Bronx Academy of Letters

Can we park at the Bronx zoo?

Yes you can, because I have been there with my school and the coach that I was in was parked in the Bronx Car Park.

Is Bronx lab high school a good school is anyone going to that high school?

To Whom It May Concern I'm currently a senior at Bronx lab school, class of 2009. I definitely believe that Bronx lab school is a good school. when i first attended the school, i had so much fun. We went hiking at bear mountain, and as a freshman spent a week in the woods of New Jersey to bond as students and to our adviser. Honestly i feel the only flaw the school has is students who do stupid things to try to give the school a bad reputation. at Bronx lab your given so many different opportunities. Whether you want to do an internship, participate in summer programs like going to Hotchkiss school, the island school, the mountain school etc, earning you school credit(which goes so good on your transcript) . when you become a junior, you'll have the chance to take college now courses at lehman college. So I believe and probably you believe that Bronx lab school is more than good, it's excellent.

What is The Bronx High School of Science's motto?

The Bronx High School of Science's motto is 'Every great advance in science has issued from a new audacity of imagination.'.

What school was the basis for the movie Blackboard Jungle?

Bronx Vocational High School

Where are the good high schools in the Bronx?

specialized high schools such as Bronx high school of science and about 7 more

Where did Neil degrasse Tyson go for grade school?

Bronx High School of Science

When does spring break in Bronx school start?

April 32nd

What grades you need to get into Bronx theature high school?


Does the Bronx zoo school trip teach you something?


What is the average SAT score for Bronx School of Science?

the average sat score at the bronx high school of science, #2 in new york, is 2000 sometimes higher sometimes lower.

Where and when did Jennifer Lopez go to school?

She attended the Holy Family Catholic School in the Bronx. This is the elementary school she went to.

What high school did Jennifer Lopez attend?

She went to Preston high school bronx NY.

Name of different High school in Bronx New York?

There are several high schools in the Bronx, New York. The easiest method to obtain the names of all the high schools in the Bronx would be to look at a copy of the current New York City High School Directory. A few popular high schools include: # DeWitt Clinton High School # Bronx High School of Science # High School of American Studies # John F. Kennedy High School # Colombus High School # Herbert H. Lehman High School # Harry S. Truman High School # Walton High School # Taft High School # Roosevelt High School

What high school did prince Royce?

He went to the Bronx Academy of Letters.

Where did celia cruz graduated?

she graduated from Bronx High School of Music

What state is Saint Mary's in?

if you talking about the school is in new york in the bronx

Does the student of the Bronx high school of science wear uniform?

No they don't.

Where did jennifer lopez attend High school?

Jennifer Lopez went went to a high school in the Bronx.

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